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Who is Filippo Scotti, the talent from "È Stata la mano di Dio"

Protagonist of Oscar 2022's nominee movie he could be an Italian Timothée Chalamet

Who is Filippo Scotti, the talent from È Stata la mano di Dio Protagonist of Oscar 2022's nominee movie he could be an Italian Timothée Chalamet

With a deep gaze and an important voice that nourishes his stage presence, Filippo Scotti is a new discovery on the Italian film scene. Playing Fabietto, Sorrentino's teenager, in "E' Stata la mano di Dio," Scotti contributed to the success of the Neapolitan director's autobiographical film, now nominated for the 2022 Academy Awards in the Best International Feature Film category. His portrayal of the insecure young man grappling with the trials of life turned the spotlight on his talent, and his selfless yet fresh and youthful look was chosen by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons for the runway of the Prada AW2022 collection alongside great actors like Kyle MacLachlan and Asa Butterflield. This all-Italian talent also appeared at Sanremo with an important monologue about freedom of expression and respect on social media and won the Marcello Mastroianni Award in September as Best Emerging Actor. Scotti is already on the radar of the "talents to watch" of the international scene according to Variety, an honor touched in the past also to his French colleague Timothée Chalamet, to whom Filippo is compared given the gentle features and the traceability to the softboy aesthetic. The actor loves France and the way the actor's profession is conceived in Paris, but for the moment he remains in Rome, waiting for the next professional twists and turns. 

Born in 1999, Filippo was born in Dongo on Lake Como, where he spent his childhood until the age of 6, when his parents moved to Naples, a city that is in his heart and of which he now feels a full citizen. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor recounts the lonely adolescent situation given the move and the consequent loss of the habitat in which he had just begun to put down roots, which put him

"in a condition similar to that of Fabietto. It's not that I didn't have friends, but I preferred solitude, I feared misunderstanding and I had difficulties at school. Metaphorically speaking, I felt constrained in a narrow space".

The salvation of his expressive sphere arrives around 2010, when he begins to attend, partly for solitude and partly for the desire to bring out something that he had inside, some theater workshops, and begins the path that leads him to where he is today, with international tours and a long list of proposals for collaborations. First with Teatro Toto and then with Muricena Teatro, Scotti discovered his talent in the Neapolitan context, before appearing in more important plays such as Tito (2017) by Gabriele Russo and Vuoto (2018) by Maurizio di Giovanni and then in award-winning short films such as 2017's Musica Mia, in competition at the David di Donatello and 1018's La Gita, winner at the Venice Film Festival. 

This is followed by work in TV and for Netflix, in the series "Luna Nera" by Francesca Comencini in which he plays Spirto, a tormented young man, and Happy Crown in 2019 before "It was the hand of God". For the film he studied a lot, both because initially he thought he had to play a part of the film and not be the only protagonist, a bit because in the film Sorrentino had poured so much pain and precious details of his personal history. To prepare himself, he asked his parents to leave him alone all summer, he tried to establish a rapport with the director without forcing him too much. His mentor, recommended a playlist of 80's songs and two films, Era mio padre and L'uomo che amava le donne to watch to be inspired by Jude Law's melancholy and the nostalgia in the eyes of Truffaut's French actors.

Although acting with Sorrentino has been a mainstay of his career, the actor lives in a mood that mixes joy and fear, as in all the topical moments of life. "I will struggle to find another environment of rare delicacy and humanity," he says of his collaboration with the director of "The Great Beauty," unable to imagine what the future may hold for him. Currently residing in Rome, his desire is to continue working in high-end roles, which we're sure are coming soon.