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Who's Dominic Fike?

From the musical career to the new Euphoria main character, Elliot

Who's Dominic Fike? From the musical career to the new Euphoria main character, Elliot

Tattooing an apple on the left cheekbone may seem a strange choice, but definitely in line with the personality of Dominic Fike. Born in 1995, he is now an all-round artist who has been co-star with Zendaya, Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweeney in the TV series of the moment, Euphoria, since the early years of his musical career in 2018. Although his name may be unknown to most, the young singer started from a Soundcloud profile has been repeatedly called "the future golden boy of the new world pop", has a fanbase as thick as that of Justin Bieber and Xxxtentaciòn, To which he has been compared for the mood of his very first lo-fi pieces - style then exploded in pandemic - he recorded a single with Paul Mccartney and has an active contract with Columbia Records for $4 million, signed while under house arrest. His profile is made even more interesting by the alleged relationship with Hunter Shafer, connects on set, but especially by his aesthetics in the middle between the soft-boy and the bad guy, although his music is already clear that he lives in the balance between the two categories with a nonadmirable chalance. So, who’s Euphoria’s blue-haired boy?

An American with Filipino and African-American descent, Dominic Fike grew up in the Naples of Florida, a fertile city for experimental music launched on music sharing platforms, in a particular family. Between one odd job and another he makes music for fun together with his group, the LBE "Lame Boys ENT", with which he has a strong bond, so much to tattoo the initials of the group on the forehead. In December 2017, the EP was released on Soundcloud and was released on Columbia Records.

The connection with the family and the drugs for the singer run on the same track: he uses alcohol and drugs since high school, a bit to bear the lack of the father and the continuous inside-out of the mother from prison, and has a strange conception of substance abuse:

"I knew the drugs were bad, but I just didn’t connect the real effects because the people I had around my whole life were always on drugs."

His personal story intertwines with the character of Elliot, a mysterious guitarist who saves his life in Rue on New Year’s Eve, after taking a little too much cocaine in the bathroom. With him the protagonist played by Zendaya tightens a hybrid bond, between love interest and friends, not yet well defined in the two episodes so far released. Dominic Fike with his languorous and deep look at the same time, represents a connection with the past from which Rue does not want to get away made of excess, toxic habits and carefree moments, with a dangerous dark side. If in the HBO series is next to Zendaya, photos confirm the association with Hunter Shafer. An interesting love triangle, parallel to the one just presented between Maddy, Cassie and Nate, the borders of reality and fiction, a bit like all the series that runs on the platform of the celebrity of the artists who take part in the cast. Dominic is already a celebrity thanks to a circle of right friends, like Kendall Jenner and Post Malone, and thanks to his large musical following enjoys a crazy notoriety for being an "emerging": on Instagram has 1.2 million followers, has already held a concert in the Metaverso of Fortnite (second artist after Travis Scott to try the mode of entertainment) and also a parenthesis model.

Dominic has also been the protagonist of the Calvin Klein Fall 2021 campaign and joins the #mycalvins team together with Kaia Gerber, Francesca Scorsese, Jennie and Moses Sumney for the campaign "The Language of Calvin Klein" that explores the expressive power of the brand’s linens. Posing in underwear in a domestic context and calming, its delicate features and slender but virile physicality conquer on social networks, making it a perfect exponent for the new softboy aesthetic, Riding trend in the corollary of the current male aesthetics in which also fall Pete Davison (he also collaborated with Calvin Klein) and Harry Styles in contrast with the muscular and canonical physicality of Jacob Elordi, for example.

The singer, actor, model then has all the cards in order to continue to collect successes and win hearts. Waiting for the developments of his character on Euphoria, It only remains to make a mockery of his music trying to capture other traits of his personality and hypothesize connections with the next evolutions of the series.