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This winter the new hair trend is going brunette

Come to the darker side, we have cookies

This winter the new hair trend is going brunette Come to the darker side, we have cookies

New year, new life, even for hair. While fashion trends for 2022 seem to be clear, even the crown undergoes small variations on the theme entering the second year of these roaring '20s. As demonstrated by Gigi and Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish and Hailey Bieber, moving to a more concrete hair tone makes the visual impact of the figure stronger, darkens the features and applies contrast depending on your skin phototype. Brown tones for 2022 are richer, fuller and more complex than in past years, increasing in popularity the full Shades, which live between blond and brown, with customised shades and layering of colors based on harmony. Warming the color in the coldest period of the year is not the new frontier of novelty but reflects the current sentiment, which goes towards a quiet search for novelty without daring too much.

According to Tiktok by now being blond has become boring, and this new twist towards darker hair but with a finish necessarily brilliant seems to be stimulated in part by the desire for change arising from pandemic conditions, when many people got to embrace their natural color in a good way. Another reason to justify this new trend may be because the Gen-Z is prioritizing hair health. Franck Izquierdo, founder of the IGK salons in New York, Miami and Los Angeles told the New York Times:

"I see healthy chocolate tones as the new year’s trend. Being behind the chair every day in my salons and listening to my customers, I understand that being more gives them more power and strength."

One of the advantages of going to the "dark" side is that damaged hair looks more healthy, the regrowth is noticed more slowly, the color requires less maintenance than a blond that requires toning treatments and often exhausted for the hair.