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Ryan Gosling's 5 hottest roles on the big screen

From the romantic Noah in The Notebook to the silent driver in the cult movie Drive

Ryan Gosling's 5 hottest roles on the big screen From the romantic Noah in The Notebook to the silent driver in the cult movie Drive

Ryan Gosling will play Ken. The official news is fresh: the actor will be next to Margot Robbie in Barbie, the live-action directed by Greta Gerwing, and will play the boyfriend of the most famous doll in the world. A very good choice that will give the lovely Ryan yet another cult role, because the project, apparently trivial, could reserve surprises and could be very interesting. Starting from the story that, according to the site IMDB, will follow Barbie in the real world, where she ends up after being turned away "because guilty of not being perfect at the right point".

Canadian-born, handsome, talented as hell, Ryan Gosling is the only real idol of the new millennium. More than Timothy Chalamet or Harry Styles. Gifted with an explosive mix of qualities and flaws, he is able to cause palpitations to any woman, man or non-binary, so much so that when People magazine didn't elect him "Sexiest Man Alive" the actor's fans went outside the editorial office to protest and, with a social plebiscite, they crowned him an example of non-toxic virility (read Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (as Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude by Danielle Henderson).  

Growing up in the Mickey Mouse Club with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, he could have become one of the Backstreet Boys. He could have become an international pop star and had a nervous breakdown at the height of his success like Britney or he could have fallen into oblivion like Kevin Sorbo. Instead, he's risen to become one of the most respected actors of his generation and the guy who only needs a "Hey girl" to make you fall at his feet. Why? Well, obviously the ability to be perfect in every role, overturning any prejudice against his baby star past: from the skinhead of Jewish origin in The Believer to the cocaine-addicted professor in Half Nelson, from the playboy cop in Gangster Squad to the spoiled killer in Murder by Numbers. And those abs that look like they've been photoshopped? The truth is, however, that no one can resist that face. Thanks to that look and that sassy smile, we forgive him for everything: from the leather outfits he wore in Young Hercules to the sentimental chick flick dramas, from the list of girlfriends he met on set (Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams and Eva Mendes) to the peroxide blond hair in The Place Beyond the Pines.


I mean, Ryan Gosling is the one man we're never ashamed to go to the movies or have printed on our underwear. And if our partner, after a whole life spent together, would suddenly leave us after coming out, the only consolation would be to steal his beloved chair with the face of The Notebook star...when you say Ryan's addicted...

To calm our addiction and celebrate the participation in the Barbie movie, G-club recommends you the 5 hottest roles of Ryan Gosling on the big screen.


Noah Calhoun - The Notebook (2004)

Gosling in the movie made him a teen (and not only) idol. It's hard to explain why, despite being a super romantic drama, we continue to like The Notebook so much. Maybe it's because it makes us hope for eternal love, the kind that can overcome any obstacle and last a lifetime, or because the chemistry between Ryan and Rachel McAdams is fire. The result is that, at the end of the two hours of the movie, we are all in love with Noah Calhoun who may not have a penny, but, on the other hand, has a very thick beard, can restore a colonial mansion with his bare hands, reads Walt Whitman's poetry and loves Allie tenaciously. 


Jacob Palmer - Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Summing up it's the ultimate Florence Nightingale Syndrome's dream: the dandy playboy who teaches the art of seduction to the clumsy Steve Carell and then falls in love with his protégé's daughter aka Emma Stone. Plus? Jacob-Ryan has abs so perfect they look like they were photoshopped and he can even do the Dirty Dancing scene.


The driver - Drive (2011)

In Nicolas Winding Refn's movie, Gosling's character doesn't even have a name, speaks very little, drives a 1973 Chevy Malibu, listens to electronic music (like beautiful Nightcall by Kavinsky) and falls in love with the girl next door. He's a modern knight who, instead of shining armor, sports a gold scorpion-print bomber jacket. Cult moment? The scene in the elevator.


Luke - The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)  

Handsome, damned and tattooed. Luke is the cool biker that we all wanted to meet at least once, despite the bad hair color and even if from the star of an amusement park in the suburbs of New York turns into a bank robber. After all, he only does it for Eva Mendes' love.


Sebastian Wilder - La La Land (2016)

Gosling dreamed to play a novel Gene Kelly ever since he danced and sang with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the Mickey Mouse Club. Along with Emma Stone, his favorite partner, he plays the piano and tap dances in an old-fashioned Los Angeles.