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You can now spend Halloween's night in the house of "Scream"

Host is Sheriff Dewey Riley, so don't worry

You can now spend Halloween's night in the house of Scream Host is Sheriff Dewey Riley, so don't worry

Italians in the United States, here's an unmissable opportunity for you. Airbnb, to celebrate Halloween but also the 25th anniversary of the cult horror movie box-office champion Wes Craven Scream - will return with the fifth chapter on the big screen in 2022, with the promise to honor the work of the director who died in 2015 - chose to open the doors of the most terrifying house in the collective imagination. To welcome guests will be Sheriff Dewey Riley, played by David Arquette, so you can sleep soundly (more or less) because he will be available to give  advice to survive in the house, which still bears the marks of knives left by Ghostface. The news could not be more current, given the recent release of the trailer of the new Scream, which keeps the cast the well-known faces of Neve Campbell (Sidney), David Arquette (Dewey) and Courtney Cox (Gale), along with the new entry, the rising star Jenna Ortega, much loved on Netflix on Yes Day.

"Protecting the city of Woodsboro is my mission and over time I have developed a real talent to escape Ghostface - said Sheriff Riley - As a host, I will keep an eye on the guests to ensure that no one is surprised by an unexpected twist".

Unfortunately, because of the Covid, the lucky people who will be able to participate will only be the Americans. But let’s come to the details for those who can participate. Airbnb will host three one-night stays for up to four people, each on the Northern California estate. The dates of the visits will be October 2729 and 31, and a cost of 5 dollars per night, excluding taxes.

During the stay, guests can take part in a film marathon with all four Scream films, on VHS of course, to catch up in view of the next release of the film. They can even talk to Ghostface through a dedicated phone line and will be equipped with Woodsboro High, to feel safer. Last but not least, they will have the opportunity to meet Kevin Williamson, the original writer of Scream as well as executive producer of the fifth chapter and creator of the 90s cult series Dawson’s Creek.