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Non è tutto rosa, the podcast about women

Paolina Consiglieri's project based on the power of sharing

Non è tutto rosa, the podcast about women  Paolina Consiglieri's project based on the power of sharing

There's Denise, who went from being a professional cross-country skiing athlete to becoming a yoga teacher with more than 3000 students; there's Dunia, who after years of traveling for work and various experiences in the fashion industry decides to create her own world through Dunia Algeri Atelier and Taba Skincare; there's Federica, who began her sports career with tennis and, after 12 years, realized that her true passion was boxing. And then Gaia, Silvia, Eleonora, Ludovica, Gloria, Giulia, Cristiana, ... They are all smart, talented, beautiful, brave and different. They are the stars of the episodes of Non è tutto rosa, the podcast about women and their infinite shades.

Every week Paolina Consiglieri interviews women who, talking about their story, made of successes, creativity, failures and a lot of commitment, can be of inspiration and help for others. Paolina, her guests and her listeners are a community that draws strength from sharing, nourishing that sense of sisterhood that, nourished and celebrated, can encourage to change the world. Twice a month, the podcast turns into Il Salottino Non è tutto rosa, a series of free educational meetings on Zoom, where a guest gives practical advice on various topics, from marketing to social communication. The project is constantly evolving and includes two new initiatives. Non è tutto rosa is about to become a real charity that will commit itself to concretely help with personal or professional growth courses and networking events all women who do not have the opportunity to invest in their own training, but also providing psychological help to those who are going through a period of crisis.

Next summer, the podcast will turn into a roadshow called Non è tutto rosa On the road, a van trip from Sicily to Turin, passing through Milan and other cities. From August 30 to September 12, Paolina and other 4 travel buddies will travel, chat, laugh, eat pastries, drink wine and meet new people. Curious? Non è tutto rosa On the road is a project designed to create connections, to give women from all over Italy the opportunity to tell their story and receive support for their dreams and goals: all the stories will be recorded and will become special episodes of the podcast. Not only, a docu-series will be shot at the same time to tell the stories of these women who, despite the difficulties, have realized their own professional and non-professional dreams.

If you would like to help make the first traveling women's networking event happen, you can join the crowdfunding campaign. Stay tuned on Non è tutto rosa for more info!