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5 lingerie brands to keep an eye on

And a special tip to add immediately a romantic twist to your summer wardrobe

5 lingerie brands to keep an eye on And a special tip to add immediately a romantic twist to your summer wardrobe

Baby-doll dresses, lace and silk, ruffles and tulle, to be worn on sight or hidden under light summer clothes: lingerie is a super important part of the wardrobe, especially the female one. Intimate and romantic, delicate, lingerie is the element that most needs to adapt to our body to make us feel comfortable, confident, fierce.

Each of us, at least once, had run for all the underwear stores in the city in desperate search for the perfect item, the one that seems tailor-made for your body and your taste. Both for those seeking comfort and convenience, and for those who want the most exclusive luxury piece, but also for those who have a specific aesthetic in mind, research is never easy.

Besides to the most famous underwear brands in the world, the market is starting to offer more and more emerging products and brands, and many of them aim to offer solutions to meet everyone's needs. nss G-Club selected 5 new lingerie brands (+1 bonus) to keep an eye on, and to immediately insert them into our underwear drawer.



"Chitè was born with a clear mission: to create a new reality in the world of lingerie. A complete and interactive experience, different from everything that has been created so far and that puts woman at the center of attention" this is the goal of the Italian brand Chitè Milano, born from the idea of ​​two women sitting in a Parisian cafe reflecting on the meaning of "beauty". Beauty means loving yourself. How is the brand goal achieved? Through the MyChitè customization platform, that allows consumers to create their own tailored underwear directly from the website: from the choice of colors to that of the materials, passing through the measures. The capsule collections and the "Lovers" products are the products of the moment and the brand's must-haves. What else? Sustainability is an essential part of Chitè's brand identity, which defines itself as "slow couture" in full respect of our planet.

Instagram: @chite.milano
Official website: chite-lingerie



Softandwet is an independent Italian underwear brand, described by founder Alice (@alicebrnra) as "a caress for the female body that embraces her delicate yet conscious femininity". Freedom, lightness, comfort, are the elements enclosed in the brand concept, translated into the ethereal and dreamy aesthetics of its products. Not only beauty, Softandwet is committed to minimizing the environmental impact, through the use of made-in-Italy materials, recycled and plastic-free packagings, attention to avoiding over-production and waste.

Instagram: @softandwetundies
Official website:



Pamplemousse is a brand new label, there is still little online information about it, but the Instagram profile (unveiled only in November 2019) tells through images the delicacy and simplicity of the proposed items. It defines itself as a sustainable and handmade brand, two essential values ​​to own as a brand in order to make your way into the world of fashion. Pamplemousse is the French translation of "grapefruit", extremely delicate fruit but with a fresh and vibrant note, which recalls the essence of the brand. The unique pieces can be purchased through email or by sending a direct to the brand's Instagram page.

Instagram: @pamplemousselingerie



Le Petit Trou is also born from a female mind for the female body; founder Zuzanna Kuczyńska, dedicates the brand to all women who want to feel cool, comfortable and sensual in a way that is not necessarily conventional, and in perfect harmony with their body. The Polish brand pays attention both to the product, made in Poland with precious fabrics from France and Italy, and to the way it is packed and presented to the consumer: the packaging is in fact composed as a gift box, kept in a small and elegant black box.

Instagram: @le_petittrou
Official website:



Empower, embrace, elevate. These are the three words that Dora Larsen uses to introduce itself on its Instagram profile. The brand was created in 2016 by ex-lingerie buyer Georgia Larsen, who decided to combine her passion for design with her underwear expertise. The key points in the creation of the products are the fitting and the color. Brighter and pop shades mix with pastel colors and delicate tones, adapting to everyone's tastes. The brand is committed to offering a quality product, which is the result of the combination of local production, certified and non-toxic materials, 100% organic cotton and recycled packaging, and reduction of waste.

Instagram: @doralarsenlingerie
Official website:


nss G-Club special tip: SORORITÉ VINTAGE

The "bonus" brand selected by nss G-Club is Sororité Vintage. Just visit the Instagram profile to start dreaming: corsets decorated with flowers and embroidered details, bralettes that alternate transparencies and color effects, pastel colors, so light fabrics that look evanescent, and much more. Sororité means "sisterhood" and is born from the passion handed down by a mother to her daughters for vintage and luxury lingerie. The unique pieces proposed by the brand are "re-worked" vintage garments, which means they are "re-adapted" to magically appear as a brand new and contemporary item. Sustainability from all points of view, thanks also to the 100% eco-friendly packaging and the reduction of waste - in fact the products can be purchased every Friday through an exclusive "drop" system (so irresistible that they are always sold out!).

Instagram: @sororitevintage
Official website: