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LOLA is the American brand revolutionizing the tampons and pads market

With a last minute home delivery service and fans like Lena Dunham and Karlie Kloss

LOLA is the American brand revolutionizing the tampons and pads market With a last minute home delivery service and fans like Lena Dunham and Karlie Kloss

Pads and tampons delivered directly at home. Sent regularly, in discreet jewel packaging.
This is the revolution of LOLA, the American brand that delivers to your home a package with everything you need to face the menstrual cycle: from organic pads in pure unbleached cotton designed to minimize the risk of allergies to light/medium slip pads, from internal tampons to essential oils to calm cramps. All customizable, ordered according to your needs and with a monthly frequency that you just have to set on the website while making the first order.

Among the many products offered, one of the most interesting is the First Period Kit, a set created to face for the first-ever period, to deal with the panic when you notice blood-stained briefs for the first time, which includes, in addition to pads with wings and tampons, a canvas case to carry them with you everywhere, stickers to mark the cycle and a digital guide full of tips and useful information, written in collaboration with a paediatrician.

The brand founded in 2015 by Alex Friedman together with Jordana Kier which at the moment ships only in the United States, has conquered everyone, from Ivanka Trump who follows its Instagram account to Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Karlie Kloss who invested the project when the company was still a start-up.

I invested in Lola because I believe their product is removing stigma from women’s reproductive processes while also giving us healthy, stylish options for taking care of period business.

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Said the Girls star, while Friedman underlines the commitment against poverty period by sponsoring Support The Girls which provides free tampons to girls and women who can't afford them. Essential to the brand is also the support of the Menstrual Revolution, the movement of women who for some years now have been fighting to clear their menstrual taboos:

Many big brands are run by men who don't even know what it's like to have a menstrual cycle, and goes on to explain how fundamental it is for the brand to speak directly about menstruation and reproductive health, even on social media - The most important thing is that we are honest and we really identify with our audience, that we are not paternalistic.

LOLA is also very active in the Tax-Free. Period, the movement that is calling for the elimination of tampon tax on all products for the menstrual cycle in the United States by 2020. A battle that also involves our country. In fact, in these days, the news that the government has decided to cut VAT on pads: from 22 to 5%, but only on those compostable and biodegradable (niche products, way more expensive and way more difficult to find than others). A choice that someone has correctly defined as "a pay off in the form of a green awareness".

In this matter, Italy is the most inactive country among the biggest European countries. The tax on all types of pads is at 5% in the UK and 5.5% in France, while Germany has just decided that from 2020 VAT on pads will fall from 19% to 7%. When you think that periods occupy a large part of a woman's life (about six and a half years), it is a shame that a civilized country places tampons in the highest range of VAT rates, the 22 per cent, the same tax that is applied on luxury items. Therefore, it is not surprising that Nuvenia's commercial, which for the first time in Italy showed blood in its new pads advertising campaign, finally representing the cycle in a normal and free of rhetoric way, has provoked several negative comments. The Menstrual Revolution may have begun, but in Italy, we are still too far behind. Maybe we should follow the example of companies like LOLA and start from simple and unequivocal ideas: freedom, comfort and body confidence.