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How to dress while traveling

Our small guide for the vacation looks

How to dress while traveling Our small guide for the vacation looks

The question of what to wear while traveling opens up many reflections. On one hand, you can seek advice on what to wear for the journey from your home to your vacation destination. On the other hand, the outfits to wear once you arrive can also generate many thoughts. Below, we analyze some possibilities together and, above all, examine a series of accessories and clothing items particularly useful during the holiday season.

How to Dress for Summer Travel

Once the beach destination is finally in sight, the first thing we certainly want to do is head to the beach. Planning and creating the perfect outfit for a beautiful day by the sea and sand can be a lot of fun. Before thinking about the clothes to wear, let’s take a look at the accessories we have chosen to bring with us. Most likely, we have maxi bags and sunglasses. We suggest selecting both in neutral tones, so they can perfectly complement looks for other occasions as well.

What to Wear for a Walk in the City

Among the activities to indulge in while on vacation is a relaxing stroll in the city where we are spending our holidays. An outfit built with a few pieces can certainly work great, allowing us to breathe a sigh of relief regarding the number of items to pack. The versatility of the main pieces in each planned outfit is the secret to creating many different and equally valid combinations. A white blouse, for example, integrates perfectly into a look with shorts of the same color, and likewise, with a pair of jeans, in your preferred style.

Fans of bright colors, we haven’t forgotten you! Vibrant hues can surprise you both in clothing and makeup. A long dress is not only very trendy but also one of the versatile pieces we mentioned earlier. You can wear it without any outerwear during the afternoon and pair it with a cardigan for the evening when the temperatures tend to drop. If the dress features a multicolor pattern, bag and makeup can pick up some of its shades to further brighten the entire look.

How to Dress for Winter Travel

Summer holidays are already underway or just around the corner. Whatever your “travel situation” might be, it can be a great idea to get ahead with ideas for winter outfits. Even the coldest months of the year can be used to carve out some time for rest. The choice of outerwear to bring along is even more crucial in this case, as we will likely use it a lot. Choosing a neutral-toned outerwear can be the best solution if the dilemma is how to pair that beautiful colorful sweater that has been sitting in your wardrobe for a long time. Additionally, combined with shades like taupe, beige, and charcoal, it can express an extremely chic side of its personality, perfect for both your city walks and car transfers from one destination to another. As for the accessories to bring along, scarves deserve a special mention. We recommend bringing more than one to give each outfit a different character every time.

How to Dress for a Road Trip

When it comes to how to dress for a plane or train trip, comfort is a factor not to be underestimated, and the same obviously applies to traveling by car. Therefore, if you’ve found an outfit suitable for plane or train travel, it will likely be appropriate for a road trip as well. Among the key points to keep in mind is, of course, the weather. For this reason, it can be useful to wear layered clothing, for an onion effect that is always a classic. For the summer season, a blazer is an invaluable ally, in energetic shades like raspberry, orange, and emerald green to be the star of the look, or in soft tones to ensure you have a versatile piece for almost any occasion.