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Sabrina Carpenter's style

From the heart dress onwards

Sabrina Carpenter's style From the heart dress onwards

From Barbie to Eva Kant, from the coquette aesthetic to the Mob Wife style, Sabrina Carpenter is the blonde who looks good in everything. A femme fatale who isn't afraid to wear bows and lace, or flaunt a bikini that highlights her glowing tan. The style of today's top singer doesn't follow a single narrative thread but instead enjoys experimenting. Yet, to the keenest eyes, there's a particular detail that seems to have become her trademark. It's the heart dress, featuring a heart-shaped detail on the bodice, surrounded by silver rhinestones.

Sabrina Carpenter's Heart Dress on Stages Around the World

Sabrina loves wearing this dress during her performances. Just as Elton John can't part with his glasses and Pharrell Williams isn't the same without his hat, the heart cutout has become an integral part of our Espresso girl. It's a kind of stage uniform that changes color for each occasion. In April, she debuted at Coachella in a sky-blue mini dress, adorned with other sparkling hearts and a cutout on the buttocks. At the iHeartRadio KISS108's Jingle Ball 2023 on December 10, Carpenter opted for the same look but in red. Who's the creative mind behind all this? It's Ivan Frolov, a Ukrainian designer known for creating memorable looks for stars like Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa. Even Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are fans.

@nicky.reardon “Heartless” by Sabrina Carpenter would be SO iconic. She has developed such a strong brand of being the unapologetic flirty hot girl that it would match her aesthetic perfectly. I know these corsets were all custom designs by FROLOV, but I would love to see them collaborate on a ready to wear line at a non-designer price point. I made a video about this concept a few months ago, but that was WAY before Espresso came out so I wanted to revisit this concept. The concept of Heartless is so versatile that I used @Canva to put it on a whole variety of things. I used the Magic Eraser tool to pull images from the Lana Del Rey shoot to use as inspiration for how the heart pieces could actually look. The tote bag was my favorite design and it’s so easy to make mock-ups of multiple different prints to see how they would look on a product. #canvapartner #sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpenterfan #designedwithcanva #canvacreate original sound - Nicky

Ivan Frolov: All About the Ukrainian Designer Dressing Pop Stars

The designer opened his brand in 2015, capturing the attention of many artists. Frolov has become the right-hand man of Sabrina Carpenter, who even chose to bring his style to the stage of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in August, opening one of the shows in Mexico with a black mini dress. If she's not showcasing the heart detail openly, she incorporates the shape in other ways. For instance, during the Buenos Aires stop of the Eras Tour, her strapless white dress featured a deep heart-shaped neckline with two glittering hearts applied. 

Sabrina Carpenter's Outfits: From Custom Dresses to Accessories

However, the singer doesn't do it all alone. To choose her looks, Sabrina Carpenter relies on stylist Jason Bolden. For context, he's the one who dressed Michael B. Jordan and Vanessa Hudgens for the Oscars. Bolden is famous for his ability to combine boldness and sophistication, which is reflected in Sabrina's outfits. Over the past three years, the stylist has helped her achieve a fresh, sophisticated, and varied style that still maintains its identity. Here are some must-haves in the pop star's wardrobe:

  • Tailored dresses: Whether for formal events or interviews, Sabrina prefers dresses that enhance her figure and are custom-made for her.
  • Crop tops and high-waisted pants: For casual outings, she often opts for crop tops paired with high-waisted pants or skirts.
  • Structured jackets and leather jackets: Blazers and jackets with a masculine cut are a must for Sabrina, often used to complete both elegant and casual looks.
  • Boots: From ankle boots to knee-high models, Sabrina uses them often. Generally, her shoes are sky-high, with high heels and equally high platforms.
  • Statement accessories: Necklaces, earrings, and bags that draw attention are essential to complete her doll-like looks.

A Versatile and Multifaceted Star, from Espresso to Please Please Please

Carpenter is a real-life Polly Pocket, who only needs to change her dress to assume a new aesthetic and give a different perception of herself. Sabrina teaches us that we can dive into the past with Charleston-dancing divas, wear shorts and a crop top for a downtown aperitif today, and don a suit and tie without heading to the office tomorrow. Every one of her looks is worth copying for summer 2024.