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The Coastal Cowgirl microtrend tempts us to dress with a western flair

Arm yourself with a gunslinger's hat and camperos boots

The Coastal Cowgirl microtrend tempts us to dress with a western flair Arm yourself with a gunslinger's hat and camperos boots

This time last year there was nothing but talk of the grandmother on the coast. It was an unexpected trend: Generation Z, thanks in part to Selena Gomez and Anne Hathaway, rediscovered the clean and "sci-fi" aesthetic brought to the screen in 2003 by Nancy Meyers in the film "Anything Can Happen" So much so that even the leading lady, none other than Diane Keaton, was taken aback. Dressing like her was easy: a look that plays with white and beige tones, thanks to cardigans and practical shirts paired with soft linen cigarette-cut trousers, and adorned with a pearl necklace and a straw hat. That's it.

What comes next is a variation on the theme, certainly more contemporary and suitable for the very young. It is indeed the Coastal Cowgirl, currently still a micro-trend, but one that has caught the attention of top sales of Camperos boots and gunslinger-style hats. This has also been noticed by online platform Stylight, which, in one of its usual surveys of what people are buying this time of year, noted a spike in sales of cowboy hats (+381 per cent), camperos (+47 per cent), lightweight knitted jumpers (54 per cent) and buckle belts (+34 per cent) from 11 March to 11 April. Because the key to this trend is to be, yes, practical, just like Keaton on the beach, but with a more modern twist, just Western style.

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Also in the mix was certainly the well-discovered Coachella, the music festival that takes place in Palm Springs on the weekend of 14-21 April, where attendees love to be cool while staying practical, giving their latest ensemble just a bit of a Clint Eastwood-esque movie twist. To be perfectly on trend, you do not have to overdo it. Just look at how Kendall Jenner or Danish It-girl Emili Slindev often dress to see how you can incorporate rustic components into the most modern look.

One of the simplest outfits is the combination of cosy knitwear, casual jeans or leggings tucked into camperos boots and a matching hat. For those who want to transform the trend into a more stylish version, the alternative is to combine boots and hat with flowing dresses, even flowered ones, as long as they are very simple and fresh, or with mini skirts, even leather ones, and open shirts that show off a crocheted bra. Or you can do it like the grandmother on the coast, but with the matching accessories from the country style, as a plus.

At the moment, the hashtag #Coastalcowgirl on TikTok has surpassed 30 million views in the last month alone, but again, research by Stylight shows that the virality of this fashion has also been recognised by Google, so the trend has already increased curiosity-driven clicks by +305%. It's worth studying a few ad-hoc looks to feel like gunslingers, even if you are far away from a ranch (or the festive green expanses of California), in your own personal, metropolitan reality.