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The voice of Giorgiandreazza SS23 pieces

Sound design and stylistic vanguard merge in a pleasantly loud and funny collection

The voice of Giorgiandreazza SS23 pieces Sound design and stylistic vanguard merge in a pleasantly loud and funny collection

Touch and sound are two senses difficult to think united, yet fashion would not exist without them. Giorgia Andreazza, an emerging designer based in Milan, manages to materialize this value by creating a meta-language with her new SS23 collection "DRIIINPUPPY" presented during this Milan Fashion Week SS23. With an ingenious artistic union with sound designers Luca Pagan and Federico Garbin, the designer's garments come to life once worn thanks to special materials treated to become sensors and create a truly immersive sound, kinetic and aesthetic experience. The garments unite two distinct sensory spheres, becoming an avant-garde tool for delivering messages in relation to body movement, creating a new language that transcends fashion and genre boundaries to bring unique artistic experiences to life in a project with a high experimental rate but an impactful aesthetic result, thanks to the self-deprecating and fun style, the "peperina aesthetic" as the designer herself defines it, which combines Y2K echo and destructured silhouettes that perfectly represent Giorgia Andreazza's creative and artsy attitude, emphasized by a color range from beige to olive green with acid and bright shades such as yellow and lilac. 

The goal of the garments is to create a dialogue between the protagonist who wears a garment and those who perceive it externally with all the senses, to ignite an interaction between introspectivity and contemporary society through the interaction of sound clothes with the surrounding environment and those who inhabit it, to achieve a complete understanding of each personality by communicating inclusive messages. The conceptual research work between the individual and the collective continues to evolve in all 20 looks of the "DRRIINPUPPY" collection, thanks to the fabrics that recall insulating materials but sound in motion, an avant-garde product that deserves to be discovered live, as during the live moment of the presentation of the collection during Milan Fashion Week on September 22 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the spaces in Via Pergolesi 8.

 In addition to the new collection, the brand's timeless products will also be on the catwalk, the bags with the iconic hybrid shape, some with a new twist: orange joins the rainbow of color ways in which the Bergie Bag with the characteristic wavy handle is available, the same as the new Cora Bag but in high-quality denim like all the brand's made-to-order garments, with a print designed for the occasion in collaboration with a well-known Italian company. Fluid, dynamic shapes, filtered by art forms, represent the heart of the company, which, with the use of waste materials from companies located in northern Italy, is able to give added value to the garments along an increasingly identifiable and recognizable path through the streets of Milan, then the whole world.