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5 Festival Trend must-haves for summer 2002

We celebrate the reopening of the festival season with the most iconic styling-hacks in full Coachella style

5 Festival Trend must-haves for summer 2002  We celebrate the reopening of the festival season with the most iconic styling-hacks in full Coachella style

Finally, after long waits and repeatedly unfulfilled hopes, it's back to the dance floor to show off our best items for parties under the sun. A few simple tips to compose an infallible summer look, inspired by the outfits that caught our eye on the stages and among the lawns of the most iconic festivals in the past months. Many more events are marked on the calendar and we can't wait to exhaust the countdown to interpret the festival mood in our own way.

Here are 5 must-have trends of summer 2022, on the wave of the exemplary Coachella style, to celebrate the advent of the hot season and the return of the most anticipated big events.


Nothing to hide 

Summer admits pants and long sleeves, as long as you can see through them! One of the first rules of the festival look is naked is cool, so one trend that won't go away is see-through. It ranges from sheer mesh tops to sheer pants, from precious jeweled metallic knit garments to mini skirts made only of fringe. Yes to tights, as long as they are mesh! Top influencer Leonie Hanne is a true fan of the sheer look and showed us at Coachella 2022 how to decline styles and items to create a see-through festive look suitable for any occasion. So off to layering, let's coat the skin in transparency-it's the game of hide-and-seek in reverse. You celebrate the body and its beauty without any fear, with honesty.


I look into your eyes and I see me

We have been masquerading for two long years but the eyes have always been exempt. Come the beautiful season we change masks to hide our gaze now, free to observe lips and smiles of dancing partners close again, even more in sync. Round like the ones worn by Janis Joplin, cat-eye cut, elongated and narrow 90s, the futuristic mask styles favored by Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. The lens is strictly mirrored to protect the eyes from the sun's rays and to delve into the darkness of the night, to hide the trajectory of one's gaze moving incognito among faces and psychedelic lights.


Coolness hacks from the Far East 

The scorching heat reserves us damp skin and dizziness, so the most stylish accessory can only be also the most useful. The star of our summer looks, the folding fan opens and closes as needed and moves the surrounding air to provide coolness. Not only that, it can expand its functionality by completing the look with distinctive colors and patterns, exhibiting signs of belonging through visuals and prints. At outdoor daytime festivals, the folding fan is an absolute must, but the trend has expanded to urban aperitifs and even Ibiza's most exclusive clubs, which have made it the top collector's gadget for devoted patrons. The more eccentric personalities (and the more sensitive skins) can turn to the next-level anti-calming tool. Also from the Far East, the sunshade is the coolest accessory for defending against UV rays in style and has become an iconic item for any self-respecting festivalgoer.


Braids for dance

Those with long hair know, the fiery weather also affects hairstyle choices. And here is the congenial solution that allows you to defend yourself from the summer heat, avoid the inevitable frizz between dances and stay perfectly neat in any situation: braids. Braiding your hair is the easiest and chicest way to free your neck and face from the sometimes uncomfortable presence of hair, while bringing a cultural reference that embellishes your outfit. Always a pigtails fan, Dua Lipa offers us a thousand alternatives: small and scattered all over the head to blend with loose hair, located on the wisps in front of the eyes or in pairs under the nape of the neck, a high ponytail divided into several mini braids. But we go further, we are inspired by FKA Twigs with her messy bleached dreads, Peggy Gou and her tight and then loose braids in the second half of the length, North West and dense braids on the nape of the neck in full Afro style. We include in our hairstyles metal rings, colored braids of artificial hair, beaded pendants, woolen strands. Anything that can adorn our head is a treasure for our summer looks.


Wrap your head before you fall 

Continuing with the flow that sees the head as the absolute star of styling, we see another must-have of the season to adorn the upper body. The real summer catchphrase is the headscarf, a trend we probably won't forget even in the seasons to come. The undisputed king of this trend is Euphoria star Angus Cloud, who has used the accessory under beanies and bucket hats all winter long, sported the granny-style kerchief even during Coachella, and thus spread silk scarf mania. Not only silk: the garment gets covered with turbans, headbands and bandanas of every fabric, shape and inspiration as Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens teach us.