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I look beauty e fashion di Cassie in Euphoria 2

Tutti gli outfit ed i make-up look degli episodi della seconda stagione da cui prendere ispirazione

I look beauty e fashion di Cassie in Euphoria 2  Tutti gli outfit ed i make-up look degli episodi della seconda stagione da cui prendere ispirazione

The highly anticipated new season of Euphoria 2 came out the first week of January, to the delight of fans of storyline and the incredible aesthetics built around the now stellar cast. Following the various episodes - to be released simultaneously with the United States every Monday night at 3 on Sky Atlantic in original version subtitled and at 23.15 in Italian dubbed version - More and more clearly emerges the symbolic and semiotic link of fashion and beauty with the character of reference, confirmed both by stylist Heidi Bivens in an interview with Vogue and by Donni Davi, Head of Beauty of the series on Instagram. The series shows a hyperbolic cross-section of late adolescence between relational dynamics with family, drugs, sex, toxic relationships, love and growth paths, is illuminating and sometimes raw, without filters, as well as the fashion and beauty looks that define the clue moments for each character.

Cassie has a sensitive and highly competitive personality, constantly reacts to the judgment of others and experiences emotions intensely, often having difficulty in managing relationships. Along with her sister Lexi, another central character in the series' story, she shares a past in which the separation of parents due to a betrayal strongly influenced her trust in partners and love. After the separation of her parents, Cassie goes out with one boy after another and her nudes and videos (often shot under duress) tour East Highland High School, causing her to panic attacks, then a negative reaction that the rumors about her should not have affected her. Rumors of sexual history circulate, but Cassie decides that getting engaged could have solved the problem, placing her trust in Christopher Mckay, a former football star, on the team with Nate. From the outside she’s a perfect girl: she’s a popular character, she’s a cheerleader and she’s Maddy’s best friend, but as with all the tight friendships with flashy characters, often the confrontation can become unbearable and turn into rivalry, as the second season clearly demonstrates. The character grows bet after bet, and the aesthetic details determine the direction of its interweaving are still hovering between imitation processes to find itself.

S02 - Episode 01

The bathtub scene inaugurated the new mood of Cassie’s character, which starts with a bang the New Year at the New Year’s Eve party wearing a mini dress @houseofcb combined with Prada sandals and an eye-particular liner, designed with diamonds applied on the eyelid to define the fold of the eye and embellish the look.

S02 - Episode 02

After the party and the start of her new love dynamics, Cassie lives a strong emotional collapse driven by guilt and spends her days in the room crying, strictly in overalls. In the scenes where he obsessively calls Nate wearing a hoodie by Fiorucci and a pair of Uggs and the same crazy nails that on New Year’s Eve, by Natalie Minerva Nails, the nail-art designer of the series.