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Tom Daley releases diy knitwear kits

4 difficulty levels and pure merino wool to create slow fashion items

Tom Daley releases diy knitwear kits 4 difficulty levels and pure merino wool to create slow fashion items

The images of the British athlete lashing out at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics were able to synthesize how a passion for the harmless hobby of knitting has become a coping strategy against stress in the two-year pandemic span. The success of the Instagram profile @madewithlovebytomdaley, dedicated to the knit creations of Tom Daley has become viral, to date boasts 1.4 million followers, and has created a real "wave of new knitters" followers of the handmade trend. How could the protagonist of the buzz not take the opportunity to take the next step? As a knitter for passion and hobby, Daley is now entering the world of knitwear business, not being able to make handmade suits for everyone: his collection of high-end knitwear kits in collaboration with the site, are available now.

I designed these kits to help you pick up needles, learn the basics, and fall in love with knitting at the same time - all while creating something to wear or give away.

tells Tom about the project, which has all the cards in order to become a new winter pastime, sustainable, fun and fundamental to relieve stress. According to The Guardian, around a million people took up knitting between 2020 and 2021. Edward Griffith, the CEO of Lovecrafts described the craft as a "winter sport" and stated that in December 2021, knitwear sales and crochet kits on the site were 225% higher than in 2019. While the tradition of knitting belongs to women between the ages of 40 and 50, Daley has managed to attract younger customers and even a male audience. The kits proposed by Made with Love as the "Curious Cat" and the "Purl On" are good for both beginners and intermediate level knitters, so the kits "Yarn'ing for more" and "Great British Kitter" have been designed.

Each kit contains a guide designed to follow the process step by step with video tutorials shot by the athlete, tools such as needles and balls of pure merino wool and the models needed to create their own home-made masterpieces and a customer service always active. The yarns are made from pure, biodegradable and renewable, sustainably sourced merino wool made and produced in Yorkshire, UK from untreated sheep. From knit vests in the style of Varsity, to sweaters in the style of JW Anderson's through soft hats and scarves, inevitable winter staples, the possibilities of creating something unique following the cool style of the new icon of knitwear are endless.