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5 y2k icons in horror movies

Fashion pills and major mood inspiration beyond blood for Halloween in these 2000s' cult

5 y2k icons in horror movies Fashion pills and major mood inspiration beyond blood for Halloween in these 2000s' cult

Looking for Halloween costumes inspiration in 90’s movies means looking for sugar in a chest of candies. The grunge aesthetic joins the technological innovations that begin to populate everyday life in that period, creating a style oriented to an imaginary future in a horror key. The looks of the spooky movies produced between 1995 and the end of 2000 are strongly inspired by the world of witches and vampires revisiting their darker features in a modern way. Here’s a mutation of outfits where dark or blood-colored skin blends with iridescence reminiscent of CDs, while checked mini-skirts become the new accidental murderer uniform and  vampires haunt humans wearing opulent bejeweled outfits. Let’s rediscover these Y2K style icons from horror movies, who have gone senselessly into the background of more modern versions of fun Halloween looks of celebrities and celebrity couples inspired by pop-culture, to embrace the spooky season mood in this cathartic month.

Jawbreaker (1999)


Rose Mcgowan plays the classic school-girl villain who even manages to kidnap and kill (accidentally) his "enemy" in love, wearing outfits that represent the peak of Y2K fashion. Although perhaps the film is quite light, the characters wear colorful and iconic two-piece-sets, channeling a blockbuster style that is perfect for any aspiring E-girls, featuring colorful hair clips, miniskirts, colorful socks fantasy, special hairstyles and lip gloss gogo.


The cell (2000)

Jennifer Lopez enters the twisted mind of a serial killer in a coma to find out where he hides his last victims, but remains bewitched by that world and its vicissitudes, which are full of suffering, enough to sympathize with the enemy. Her looks reflect the dark setting where it takes place dreamlike investigation: the actress wears dark red dresses with deep necklines, mesh details and snakey velvet applications combined with a strong make-up, with marked Kajal. Almost like a witch, Jlo's looks are perfect for a thrilling evening in a nostalgic key.


The Queen of the Damned (2002)

Princess R&B Aaliyah is the mother of all vampires, Queen Akasha, in this film that follows an intricate narration and a horror love story with the vampire Lestat, whom she wants as her new king, after he became a rock star. The costume designer inserts elaborate headdresses and opulently showy silver jewelry in Aaliyah's semi-naked outfits to elevate her style to the fashion gods.


Resident Evil (2000)

The androgynous beauty of Milla Jokovich contributes to make the character of the iconic horror action film that breaks the clock of the millennium. Tight overalls with bulletproof vests hug the waist and lengthen the bust of the actress, while combat boots and black cuffs improve the battle setting with which the heroine fights against the apocalyptic world. The most important fashion moment of the saga directed by Paul W.S Anderson is that of the final chapter, in which Milla wears a red dress with fine straps with deep split paired with combat boots combined with a machine gun. So '90s.

"Heathers" (1988)

"Heather" is a nickname used in America to describe a popular girl, who everyone loves and who has a great ascendancy over everyone. In this movie, everything revolves around three girls, all named Heather not surprisingly, towards which Winona Ryder has a lot of grudge. This 90’s film is a bit of a horror retelling of a school world at Cher Horowitz, where between outifit preppy with grunge infusions, there are accidental murders and disagreements between student groups. Pleated miniskirts, opaque stockings, knee socks, loafers, men’s blazers and fake blood frame the famous actress’s face as she discovers what happens when she trusts the wrong person.