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10 shopping ideas for the upcoming fall season

Carrie Bradshaw-inspired golden hoops, Avavav Firenze's crazy shoes, Brangelina bag & more

10 shopping ideas for the upcoming fall season Carrie Bradshaw-inspired golden hoops, Avavav Firenze's crazy shoes, Brangelina bag & more

A wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, our fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw used to say. But this autumn we will help you not to fill the wardrobe with original items. On the contrary, we invite you to rate our autumn top 10 in terms of fashion. They are cool garments and accessories, some irreverent, others more chic, others that will make you laugh. We literally fell in love with them, they look good with a sneaker or with dizzying heels, with a slip dress or even with a jumpsuit. We bet that you too fall in love with it in one click?

Argentoblu - collection The City

Four hoops earrings, each dedicated to one of the four girls from the Sex and the City TV show. The Arezzo-based brand Argentoblu, with decades of expertise that creates entirely handmade 925 jewelry in the best Tuscan tradition, was inspired by the city of New York for its autumn collection, on sale from September 16 or pre-order via Instagram. The Big Apple is synonymous with restart, and "refresh", as always happens in Carrie's wardrobe. Here the model of rims inspired by the sex expert, in gilded silver, to be combined with those Manolo seen in the window a few days ago.

Praying - Brangelina Bag

For Brangelina fans - but also for lovers of the couple Bella & Edward of Twilight - here is the coolest item to have on your arm. Because, at least this 2000s-style zip-lock bag promises to last a lifetime. To create it is the brand of the moment Praying, loved by the It-girl Camille Charriere, who ironizes in a fashion way. Other bestsellers include the Twilight print and the one dedicated to Martha Stewart, for fans of the American dream.


Emma Brewin - Blossom Bucket

We just tell you that Rihanna loves him. The reason is simple: it is the classic bucket hat, already revisited by the brand in 2014, but soft as a pink cloud. Handmade in England by the brand Emma Brewin, it is in faux fur with cotton lining. Rum-pum-pum-pum.

Ciao Lucia - Venezia Polo

According to the platform Stylight, it will be the autumn sweater, precisely because it saw a + 78% increase in clicks during the last week of August. The pullover by Ciao Lucia is very simple, white with black stripes, in a marinière style and with perfect bell sleeves, but it has that casual allure that goes well even with the most elegant outfits, perhaps also for its V-neck and the shape that emphasizes the waist. So, if you've been wondering what to buy to make your fall wardrobe more current, here's the answer.

Twelve - Vampire 2.0 Necklace

What would a contemporary vampire wear? Probably the tooth of her beloved, a bit like Angelina Jolie did with the blood of her first husband Billy Bob Thornton. Only this variant is definitely cooler and a little less macabre. Twelve's necklace is tooth-shaped, but made of clay and hand-sculpted by Korbyn Rachel, with a red gem in the center. And the brand is worth keeping an eye on: emerging, it is from New York and was born from Haley Peacock's idea of creating a surrealist universe of escape.


HumptyDum - B/W Sunglasses

Cruella Demon, if it existed, would already wear them. With a squared oversized shape, they are sunglasses created to look good on any face, elongated or rounder, with a long or short nose, thanks to the innovative study of design and FaceType system. HumptyDum is the made in Italy brand designed by Federica Pessina and Silvia Nogara, who personally take care of every single step, from concept to production, giving life to garments with a pop taste and a green heart.


Poster Girl - Miranda Dress

In Italy the brand Poster Girl became popular thanks to Chiara Ferragni and Dua Lipa. From the allure between the 90s and the 2000s, it recalls the style of the girls depicted on the posters that adorned the bedrooms of that decade. A little in the manga style, a little femme fatale, it has an innovative fishnet shapewear, characterized by a "psychedelic" lace that highlights the right points. With crystal hearts instead of buttons.


Lazy Oaf - All the Prints Tights

Mismatched not only applies to nails and shoes but also to tights. Galeotti Carrie Bradshaw and Marc Jacobs (probably) inspired the birth of these tights. The London based brand Lazy Oaf invites you to play tic-tac-toe with these all-over contrast panel tights. In addition, they are vegan and contained in recyclable packaging.


HVML - Mini Shopper

HVML by Hepzibah Lyon is a sustainable brand that works to create fashion pieces that move between functional items and couture art objects. The mini shoppers are in reused fabric and with funny shapes, reminiscent of grandma's panniers, hyper colored, and true works of art of recycling. In short, the trend of crochet does not leave us even this season!

Avavav - Very Slimy Feet

Last but not least, these irreverent boots by Avavav Firenze, a bit futuristic a bit Jurassic Park. If you are thinking that they come from another planet, the reality is that they are made in Italy, based in Florence, from the idea of Beate Karlsson who loves conscious production. In this regard, each piece is made to order and, of these shoes, a total of 30 pieces will be produced. Because walking in it is truly something exclusive.