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Who is Patricia Field: the stylist of Carrie Bradshaw and Emily Cooper

What do the looks of Sex and the City and those of Emily in Paris have in common?

Who is Patricia Field: the stylist of Carrie Bradshaw and Emily Cooper What do the looks of Sex and the City and those of Emily in Paris have in common?

There are many legends in fashion and, among them, there is also Patricia Field, the stylist who created all the looks of Sex and the City and who today signs the wardrobe of Emily in Paris. She was in 1998 when they all emulated the styling games of Carrie Bradshaw, the New York journalist who mixed $ 10 dresses with very expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes and who wore tulle with a nonchalance for daily wear. But they also copied Charlotte York's bon ton style, with her printed skirts and Park Avenue-style pearl necklaces, Samantha Jones's sexy attitude, all in red and animal print, and the "work" version of Miranda Hobbes, who has revived the briefcase and the sarong skirt away from the beach.

Today, however, generation Z sees in Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, the new alternative to Bradshaw, not at all "ringarde", rather a calibrated mix between the wardrobe of the nineties sex expert and the style of the Upper East Side to the Gossip Girl. Emily's fashion language chews a version of the Carrie style but more 2.0, thanks to a skilful mix of prêt-à-porter and vintage pieces apparently rather unlikely but which immediately become iconic outfits. In short, a perfect hybrid between the classic American girl and the typically Parisian style, with a Cinderella tip that, instead of Blahnik, prefers the red Louboutin sole. So, we couldn't help but wonder... do you feel more confident as Carrie Bradshaw or Emily Cooper?


Carrie: belts, tulle, naming jewelry, midi skirts and naked dresses

Carrie Bradshaw is a legend. From the first to the last episode of Sex and the City she showed off woolen briefs to run from one Avenue to another in Manhattan, she opted for a nude dress - compared by Miranda to "tits on a toast" - for the first date with Mr.Big mixed stripes and flowers, brought back the white décolleté and made the Baguette by Fendi iconic. In short, Carrie is Carrie and, together with her faithful three friends, she has made the style of non-elite New York a true legend even among overseas wardrobes. The credit goes to the fact that Patricia Field enjoyed thinking about how an ordinary woman, in her spare time, could go out dressed. After all, we all went down to get the newspaper in our nightgowns and sweatshirt, we bought shoes three times more expensive than a dress and we showed off shirts with questionable writings. This explains why the style of the TV series - not comparable to the eccentrisms, often exaggerated, of the two Sex and the City films - continues to please and inspire us every day, always leading us to ask ourselves: today Carrie, what would she match with this skirt or with this headgear?


Emily: vibrant looks, mini skirts, floral print and cozy sneakers

Emily Cooper is lively, self-confident even wearing the snake print combined with colorful flashes and the brightest fuchsia. Patricia Field wanted to give the most courted girl of the moment a true and decisive style, which often makes style slips like the red faux fur charm larger than the bag that she wears on her arm. Emily is as sincere as Carrie Bradshaw, she often wears what she finds in the wardrobe inspired by the styling game of the moment. And she does one thing that the Carrie we all know would never have done for any reason: rest her stilettos to go get a bouquet of flowers or have breakfast under the house, preferring a pair of cozy sneakers. But then she moved to Paris.

Surely Patricia Field has evolved trends, adapting what we still love from the 2000s to the era we live in. The strapless cotton tops have turned into crop tops, the pleated knee-length skirts have become decidedly shorter, Chanel is back in fashion, as well as knee socks, tight belts at the waist, ankle boots, oversized coats, black cocktail dresses and the inevitable beret à la française.