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Pop-punk style is officially back

Prepare your favorite band t-shirts and fishnets to rock 2021 fashion

Pop-punk style is officially back Prepare your favorite band t-shirts and fishnets to rock 2021 fashion

In recent months, several 90s and 2000s trends are (again) making space in the fashion world, and this time we hear them coming to the sound of guitar riffs. In fact, July 2021 online searches show an exponential increase of interest in the key elements of pop-punk style, arrived to date as an underground subculture with an absolutely cool aura. According to the insights by Stylight, a trend forecasting platform, research has grown by +48% for fishnet stockings and tops, +25% for knee-tight combat boots, +14% for studded belts and +17% for tartan and checked garments such as pants, skirts and dresses. Even on the catwalks of Chanel Resort 2021-22, Celine Fall-Winter 2021 and Saint Laurent we see the choice of a dark aesthetic, halfway between a dark fantasy and pop inspired coolness. It’s time for us to react, and fashion shows it: pop-punk style is back, with its boldness, excesses and the desire to rock everything with energy.


The pop-punk aesthetic

Pop-punk aesthetics is a commercial evolution and mixed with the pop culture of the 2000s of punk born in the 70s in England, which the designer and activist Vivienne Westwood was the spokesperson. Tattoos, piercings and dyed hair locks share the origin of the initial punk wave with the more recent one, which actually differs with a much less violent social charge and is more focused on music, and group recognition through clothing. Tik Tok saved pop-punk thanks to viral videos and a strong aesthetic impact, which has also spread thanks to artists such as Lil Peep and Juice WRLD who made Gen-Z fall in love with the union between hip-hop and pop-rock. Fishnets, vertiginous creepers, mesh top and the metal inserts are everywhere in the typical closet of a contemporary pop-punk lover, now easily identifiable especially in the niches Instagram and Tiktok.


Pop-punk nostalgia

The Sum 41 playing in the background to The O.C. in the afternoons passed dyeing nails black and screams to the top of the throat singing along "I Just Wanna Live" by The Good Charlotte are a vivid memory for many millennials, in the midst of adolescence in the early 2000s. Must have shoes were checked Vans and pen decorated Converses. The aesthetics linked to the world of punk are extremely bound to skate culture, and the fashion permeates the style of female icons too. Paramore’s voice Hailey Williams was the highest level of vocal extension in the field, with constantly color-changing hair and low-rise jeans, but none was like pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne: her huge musical success has also expanded her style based on the use of accessories with studs, skulls and chains but with a feminine touch, to make the impact lighter. Tulle and amphibians, fuchsia skulls and black satin bows for the new aesthetic, halfway between the skateboard and the emo style. Another unforgettable pop-punk muse is Taylor Momsen, Jenny Humprey of Gossip Girl for friends, and her complete dedication to music and concerts after the actorial interlude: aggressive, hyper-feminine and tremendously punk looks, like her black smudged make-up never faded, and are now so glam!


The new icons

The O.C. was on TV with Sum 41 soundtracks in the background, Good Charlottes and Fall Out Boys, Paramore and Evanescence were all over the top charts of early 2000s. Today, the vibe is here again: Travis Barker of Blink 182 is back in the spotlight, has an affair with the queen of  avocado smoothies Kourtney Kardashian and collaborates with Willow Smith and Meghan Fox’s new boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly in the production of extremely pop-punk sounds. In the meantime, Tony Hawke skates in a 33-million-view TikTok video on Avril Lavigne’s profile, while the punk queen lip syncs Sk8r Boi. But it’s not enough. Bella Hadid wore an oversize perfecto jacket while visiting London and eating scones, Dua Lipa as a goth-queen, Olivia Rodrigo is at the top of the charts with her "Sociopath", able to make everyone move their heads to the rhythm. In Italy, Eurovision winners Maneskin are the representatives of this rebel and provocative style. 


Brands to follow

Also this winter tartan and combat boots will not abandon the looks of fashionistas, which is why the race for the next garment with a pop-punk mood has already begun. Some brands to follow as a reference are Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and his new line Heavn, and Simone Rocha, between pure punk and gothic romanticism. The big names in fashion offer creepers and combat boots for all tastes, including Prada, MiuMiu, Balenciaga and Marni, while Alohas presents the new strictly vegan collection. Nodaleto's lacquered mary-jane are perfect for achieving a slightly grunge mood in every look, like Red Valentino's red tartan outerwear. Fishnet stockings and mesh tops as if it were raining: the models by Y Project and Marine Serre are the latest style to be layered or worn proudly to show how much punk is in you. Not only high fashion, also emerging and fast fashion brands such as Revolve,, Urban Outfitters, Betsey Johnson, Ashley Williams, have adapted to the trend by giving a dark and ironic twist to their collections.