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10 looks for summer in the city inspired by influencers

Some inspo from Instagram to face the hot season in the city, to be copied and matched with your own style

10 looks for summer in the city inspired by influencers Some inspo from Instagram to face the hot season in the city, to be copied and matched with your own style

The summer. Surprise of a long wait. It could be the opening words of some romantic poetry, but it is the only way to define the summer. Cities empty and weekends become moments of crazy research to organize hit and run getaways waiting for August and real holidays. And between one race and another, between the office and smart-working, there is a fixed thought that returns and returns on time like a watch: What should I wear? Yes, because handling a summer in the city is not a walk, with the suffocating heat and the desire to dress below zero. Who has never spent eternity in front of the wardrobe looking for the perfect OOTD to finish with the usual super easy dress that seems to be the only solution? Not to mention certain slips, sacrosanct, of those who suddenly decide to take the metro as if they were ready for an aperitif in Ibiza.

So, how to fight the rise in temperatures without sacrificing style? No, the hysterical shopping rush is not the solution, you need to know what to buy or how to re-evaluate some pieces of the wardrobe for those who prefer a greener approach. And who can help us if not the influencers. With the digital age, these new it-girls give us daily style tips to face the summer in the city, both for those who will have to wait a little longer before leaving, and for those who have chosen a city as a destination for their holidays. So nss G-Club has collected 10 looks of the stars of the web, to wear in the city. One more idea for your holiday and non-holiday combos, from sunrise to sunset.


Denim shorts and Shirt

For an easy-chic everyday look, try wearing a denim shorts, even better if they are Bermuda or biker cut, for an extra twist. Pair it with a tank top and an asymmetrical cut shirt, a pair of sneakers and the right glasses. The perfect outfit for a flying coffee between meetings.


Total white

When it comes to summer looks, one cannot fail to mention a classic total white, a must-have for the hot season. For a daily combo that combines the right amount of freshness and style, mix a pair of white wide-leg jeans with a tank top and flip flop sandals, very trendy this summer. Finish the look with your favorite bag and a low chignon to elevate it all.


Mini dress and sandals

For a summer in the city, there is nothing better than a short dress, even better if in linen, a must-have fabric for the summer. Perfect inspo also for showing off your tan and staying light with minimal effort. Finally, complete the look by combining a leather band sandal and a straw maxi bag and that's it, it will become your uniform. It is the never again without web entrepreneurs from beyond the Alps, versatile and super chic. Like the very elegant Julie Sergent Ferreri, you will fall in love with her.


Cotton coord set

Are you a fan of coord sets? Take advantage of the warm season to show off some pop color combos. You can do like Ellie Delphine and opt for a pair of boxer shorts and oversized shirt in a vitaminic orange en pandant. Mix everything with a cool heel and a colorful mini bag. A cheerful, fresh and simple idea to spend the days in the city without giving up a good dose of fashion.


Jeans and tank top

For those who can't give up their favorite pair of jeans even in the heat of summer, here is a perfect look for a relaxing day of errands, between grocery shopping and dating with the girlfriends of the heart. Claire Rose Cliteur mixed this denim in a light wash with a gingham sleeveless top. To complete the outfit, a black shoulder bag in croc leather and sand-colored Birkenstock sabot. A perfect mix and match from 90s vibes with the most popular items of the season. Difficult to part with it.


Oversized shirt

Anche voi siete in piena color-mania? Se la tendenza della stagione vi ha conquistati, mixatela a dovere per i vostri look estivi. Le camicie oversize abbondano sempre nel guardaroba di questo periodo e potrebbero rivelarsi la vostra svolta per un daily outfit irresistibile a sforzo zero. Le potrete portare sopra un pantalone, una gonna, o a mo’ di mini-dress, perché no. E visto che i dettagli fanno la differenza, provate ad aggiungere qualche accessorio pop per un look veramente glamour, ideale nelle giornate in cui non avete proprio voglia di impegnarvi ma non potere rinunciare al giusto stile.

Are you also in full color-mania? If the trend of the season has conquered you, mix it properly for your summer looks. Oversized shirts always abound in the wardrobe of this period and could prove to be your turning point for an irresistible zero-effort daily outfit. You can wear it over trousers, a skirt, or as a mini-dress, why not. And since the details make the difference, try adding some pop accessories for a truly glamorous look, ideal on days when you don't really want to commit but can't give up the right style.


Multicolor linen suit

Staying on the subject of colorful motifs... Why not elevate the outfit with a multicolor linen suit? Perfect for a day at the office or between important appointments where you still need to maintain a certain charm, as it-girl Leonie Hanne demonstrates. Also to be proposed in the evening version if you are in the mood for a heel and some extra accessories.


Maxi skirt

Skirts are an ever-green from winter to summer and in a maxi and light version they become the real must-have for the summer. To combine with a coordinated top and a pair of sandals, perhaps adding to the whole a light blazer, a shirt, a vest or a colored coat for less sunny days. Even in the minimal version, the combination is of great effect, also thanks to the sack bag and dark glasses, like a true diva.


Wrap dress

For those who have chosen a Tuscan, southern Italian or Provencal citadel as a holiday destination, this combo sported by Caroline Daur is truly perfect, both during the day and for an aperitif outdoors. For this summer, the wrap dress is back in trend to re-embrace the tastes of the most romantic and some vintage lover with a chic allure. Also in combination with the rubber sandal it works, if to embellish everything is an it-bag in full summer vibe. When we say less is more...


Feathers all over

Closing the circle is the queen of influencers, Chiara Ferragni, who this summer gives us a perfect look for a fun evening to spend in the city. A dress or suit decorated with feathers can make you feel halfway between a 1960s diva and a night dancer. You can try it with a pajama set, or a vintage allure tunic, a shirt, or a slip dress. The key element will still be given by the volume, softness and color of your fantastic plumage. And if you want to be even more daring, try combining it all with a mules or a sandal with feathers, for an unforgettable party night.