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5 made in Italy silk scarves brands to discover

Perfect for summer looks and to protect ourselves from the wind of the nights by the sea

5 made in Italy silk scarves brands to discover Perfect for summer looks and to protect ourselves from the wind of the nights by the sea

Cover your neck, it's cold!
The words of the caring grandmothers and their recommendations still resonate in our heads sometimes. Today fashion takes over all the times when we replied that we would never wear it: today silk scarves and bandanas are again a trend and they do it out loud. They call it karma. Or, if you prefer, the philosophy of what goes around comes around.

For this reason and many others, nss G-Club selected for you 5 brands of silk scarves, made in Italy and perfect for fashion victims. We will never get cold again!



Strength, instinct and beauty. Matmat is a project that tells women starting from their point of view on the world: each scarf has been designed by emerging Italian artists who invite women to take their place in the world, and part of the proceeds from sales are donated to associations that they support women in need. The scarves are printed in Italy using a sustainable process (digital printing), they are 100% silk and tell the story of the wearer through that of those who think it.



Exploring wild nature, ancient rituals and local craftsmanship. Malerba project was born from the mixture of two cultures, those of Anelle and Erika, of Santo Domingo and Venice, which find a meeting point in the strong sensitivity of both and an intimate relationship with nature and culture, towards the desire to rediscover slow and manual textile production. All the accessories are entirely made by the girls, with an honorable mention for the 100% upcycled silk scarves made with natural dye based on medicinal plants: roots, flowers, seeds, essential oils.



Rhyming with the story of the cake that, oops, accidentally overturned, giving birth to the quintessential French snack dessert, the author's stories on silk by Tarte Tatin are born, a textile idea made in Italy by Valeria de Bruno. All accessories are made of fine silk and hand-made by Italian seamstresses; the prints and patterns are in collaboration with important names in contemporary illustration and tell in playful and pop terms characters and atmospheres with a romantic and mysterious taste. Honorable mention for the silk ties!



With the FouLara art and fashion blend together, reinterpreting the world they live in in a new way: a foulard and at the same time an origami that changes appearance, color according to the different folds ... zucchini on a foulard? Why not, as long as it is FouLara!
Ps: if you really want to really dare, just choose the Tagliatella: super thin scarves made with fabric scraps for a zero waste philosophy.



Life is too short to wear boring clothes ... and bandanas! Carrè Milano is an independent brand born in 2020 by three girls who want to talk about extravagance, innovation and freedom of choice. They did this by creating upgraded bandanas. Cher or Twiggy collection? To you the choice.