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8 sustainable swimwear brands for summer 2021

To dream of holidays and the first dive of the year into the water

8 sustainable swimwear brands for summer 2021 To dream of holidays and the first dive of the year into the water

Summer is approaching, the heat is starting to arrive in the city, the restrictions are loosening and the holidays already seem around the corner. So, we can start dreaming again, dreaming of the summer and the first dive of the year! We can also start thinking about the first suitcase with a summer twist, perhaps for a weekend at the beach.

Essential in this period is the swimsuit, even better if sustainable. We know that attention to the environment is also our responsibility. This is why the new generation of sustainable swimwear tries to minimize the damage caused to the environment and to the nature that surrounds us, with a system based on circular fashion and the use of recycled fabrics. Thus, nss G-Club offers you 8 sustainable swimwear brands to find your new summer must-have. Comfortable, cool and made through sustainable processes. Let's find out together.



Are you looking for a costume that lasts over time, in terms of style, quality and fashion? Then Matteau is the brand for you. Australian brand that promises a product with a simple design and a very specific purpose: to produce garments that transcend seasonal trends, with the aim of making them timeless. Say no to "disposable" sweimwear, it's better to opt for products that will not become obsolete with the passing of the seasons and that we can always show off. As for the materials, Matteau pays a lot of attention to the choice of fabrics, giving priority to materials obtained from biological, renewable and recycled sources. In some cases, they use fabrics from unused stocks precisely to reduce waste and thus limit the environmental impact.



VieL Collection

Created by Veronica Fusco, VieL Collection is an Italian swimwear brand that promotes both environmental and social sustainability, creating pieces that adapt to various bodies and integrating the use of green fabrics for its pieces. The identity of this brand is based on the values ​​of responsible production, taking care of quality to reduce the environmental impact. The VieL Collection swimwear are made with a fiber obtained by regenerating plastic waste and discarded fishing nets, which represent almost 10% of all ocean pollution. They are all Made in Italy products and take into account the quality of materials, functionality and comfort, with timeless design. In addition to the costumes, the brand produces organic cotton t-shirts and recycled fabric scarves. But it doesn't stop there, because in addition to the products, the packaging is also 100% sustainable. In short, a brand that puts love for the environment first, enhancing, at the same time, every female body.



Mabi Swimwear

Mabi is a London-based swimwear brand that strongly believes in beautiful, sustainable and fair fashion. The brand, with a mix of elegance and sensuality, offers garments that easily adapt to all body shapes. Their mission? Helping to make this world a better place, even for tomorrow. And, as nature lovers, they offer luxury collections made responsibly using eco-friendly and recyclable fabrics. Furthermore, the brand, born in 2017, is part of the Carbon Free Project in order to neutralize carbon emissions and fight deforestation by planting native trees in conservation areas.



Cali Rae

Reliable, resistant, minimalist, essential. Thus the Australian brand Cali Rae produces high quality swimwear that is not only good for the planet, but also good for our soul. The garments are made from 84% recycled polyester and 16% from spandex made through the recycling of plastic bottles. Their process incorporates properties such as absorption, heating and cooling in order to obtain an extraordinary recycled fiber, combined with an original and super chic aesthetic.



Aya Label

Aya Label is a Dutch swimwear brand, created in 2018, offering high quality swimwear. "Be a goddess, save the ocean" this is the phrase that best represents the brand. Inspired by Greek mythology, each costume is named after a goddess, and their mission is to make women around the world more self-confident. At the same time also be eco-friendly. AYA wants to be part of the environmental change, which is why it uses the revolutionary ECONYL fiber, a 100% recycled polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials such as fishing nets. One of the advantages of this material is that the products are twice as resistant to chlorine, tanning creams and oils. The perfect option to help the environment and have a resistant, long-lasting and super cool product.



Alèsia Concept

Femininity, strength, beauty and comfort are what best describes the Italian brand founded by Alessia Lochi, inspired by the philosophy of yoga and surf, with a design inspired by the 1950s. Impossible not to be fascinated by the simplicity and aesthetics of Alèsia Concept. The starting point of this young brand born in 2017 is the attention to the environment, encouraging dialogue and new ways of consumption through the carefully hand-made swimwear collections. In short, limited productions that invite you to reflect on the value and care of the garments, promoting the reduction of excessive consumption. In addition to the garments, the sustainability aspect also extends to packaging: made of organic cotton to reduce the use of plastic.



All Day Long Beachwear

All Day Long is an Italian brand dedicated to sustainability. It was born as a desire of two cousins, Giusy and Patrizia, who share a passion for fashion and love for the family. It is from the family that they left to give life to their brand. They were inspired by past generations to create an all-female brand, which combines attention to detail, typical of the past, with an eye to the future. The minimalist and chic products are designed to guarantee a perfect fit and, at the same time, to be respectful of the planet, thanks also to the Nature Nautical line entirely produced with natural fibers.



Swim Against

Spanish brand that offers, in addition to swimwear, also a sports line. Swim Against offers a timeless collection, with versatile pieces, combinable and interchangeable models, reversible with which we feel more confident about ourselves. With their fabrics, they continue to bet on sustainability. In fact, the bikinis are made with high-quality, wear-resistant recycled materials, and the packaging is biodegradable. Their production is artisanal and local, in fact they produce in a laboratory in Barcelona which allows to reduce gas emissions, as well as energy consumption.