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Crochet: the trend of summer 2021

From accessories to clothing: the tradition of crochet returns and is more just a trend

Crochet: the trend of summer 2021 From accessories to clothing: the tradition of crochet returns and is more just a trend

If there is one thing that fashion teaches us every day, it is undoubtedly that "never-say-never". Remember when our grandmothers made any crochet creation? Let's face it, we weren't always happy to wear those hats that looked like table doilies. Incredibly, crochet, in its contemporary and super cool version, got its revenge by becoming one of the main fashion trends of this spring/summer 2021 season.


How did crochet come to life? 

There are several legends about the birth of crochet or crochet. One, however, is the one that fascinates us the most, almost as if it came out of a storybook: it is rumored, in fact, that the technique was born thanks to an elderly lady from Bavaria, who, fascinated by the beauty of the snow , he decided to recreate it. We do not know if this poetic story is true, but it is certain that crocheting spread until the boom of the 70s with the hippie style. A style not only of clothing, but also and above all of life, made up of freedom of thought and contact with nature: in this period the crochet finds its expression in fashion. Soft fabric threads and bright colors intertwine with each other, giving life to hats, scarves, tops that become a real must-have.

Today, probably the return of the crochet is due to that desire to return to live the little things that Covid-19 has stolen from us for a long time; at the same time, we are able to appreciate traditions and nature more, with growing attention to the much debated issue of sustainability. This is where the handmade aspect of crochet comes into play: hours, days and months closed at home due to lockdowns, have led us to experiment and find activities to do every day at home. Many have chosen crochet work. We can therefore say that crochet is not just a trend of the moment, but it is a real rediscovery, which takes us back to a playful and childish world.



Crochet on the runways

It was already clear from the previous one that spring/summer 2021 season would be all about knitting. Yes, because crochet between intertwining materials and bright colors has managed to enchant even the most famous fashion houses. Like the maxi crochet dresses by Marco Rambaldi, which appeared during the MFW Fall/Winter 2021 and returned in the latest summer collection in the form of patchwork crochet in vibrant pastel colors. Valentino for the SS21 fashion show is also aiming for total inclusiveness by breaking down gender taboos, through unisex crochet coordinated outfits: in the collection, maxi cardigans with floral motifs alternate with more minimal single-color suits, all obviously in crochet. And the accessories? Crochet bags dominated the catwalks: from Marni's Mocilla Bag, a comfy version of the crochet bag characterized by color contrasts, to Fendi's mini bag. But also the crochet bucket hat has been re-proposed by various fashion houses in a summer version, such as the raffia one: Missoni plays with the contrasts of pastel colors and bright colors, while Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini shows us the romantic version of a "country girl" "in perfect cottagecore mood.


Crochet and new brands: fashion is home-made

Don't worry, there is crochet for everyone. Not only the big fashion houses, but also the new talents and emerging brands with their world of creativity and dreams make us savor that comfortable feeling of home that only crochet can give. So nss G-Club has decided to tell some of them.

There is Crochelen, a crochet brand that weaves threads and passion, the one handed down from aunt to nephew. A passion that was initially lost and then rediscovered during the second wave of Covid-19, in which Elena, the founder of the brand, decides to get back into the game with crochet, feeling the need to "vent her creativity, putting her hands in pasta". The materials used are 100% cotton, yarn more suitable for the warm temperatures of the season, which, with the arrival of cold weather, will be changed to wool. The secret of his creations? “Patience, slowness, attention to detail, concentration, but above all the body still for several hours and the fingers that work: these are the necessary ingredients to create a handmade work”. The same patience and attention to detail that give life to the Nuvola square top. Because you know, good ideas come from dreams.

But also Crochatelier, the result of technique, love and free time, one of the few "opportunities" that Covid has granted us. Time thanks to which Antonietta, creator of the brand, had the opportunity to resume that passion that she had set aside for too long, fetching knitting needles and thread from the drawer to devote herself to crochet. Crochet, therefore, is not only a trend but also a means of expression, thanks to which negativity is transformed into creativity, just like in the case of Crochatelier. All garments, in 100% cotton, are made on request and customized: an in-depth search for colors and yarns precedes each creation. Antonietta realizes everything, from tops to bikinis, like the Alie model, from the particular lacing on the décolleté and the gem of the sleeve tied to a bracelet.

Then we come to the accessories. Nudeco is an all-female crochet brand, Made in Naples. And it could not be otherwise, since the name itself claims Neapolitan origins: in fact, "nudeco" in Neapolitan dialect means "knot", which, as Assia, its founder explains, determines the beginning and end of every creation. Each piece is born from the desire to honor manual work, craftsmanship: "We believe that the craftsman is surrounded by beauty every day, and we believe that it is possible to live on this beauty, so we try to tell it, creating accessories according to a slow philosophy. and with flexible management dynamics linked to the female sphere and work-life balance: this is Nudeco's great bet. " Each piece is unique, but all made with the highest quality materials Made in Italy and Oeko Tex Standard certified. One of these is the Strippella handbag, born from the union of crochet and scraps of recovered leather. An excellent idea of ​​upcycling. Even the liuba__liuba crochet bags are 100% cotton and handmade in Marche by a mother with a passion for this fabric processing technique. They are micro bags (according to the trend of the season), ideal for always carrying small everyday objects with you.