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Sanremo 2021: the best outfits and beauty looks of the first evening

From Matilda de Angelis in Prada with messy hair, to Francesca Michielin's cat eye in Miu Miu

Sanremo 2021: the best outfits and beauty looks of the first evening From Matilda de Angelis in Prada with messy hair, to Francesca Michielin's cat eye in Miu Miu

Finally, this unusual 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival, with no audience in the hall, has started. The first evening flew by, rather slowly, with Fiorello coming on stage wrapped in a floral cape and black lips, recalling last year Achille Lauro's performance; Loredana Bertè with colorful butterflies on her head; Matilda de Angelis perfectly at ease in Prada and Zlatan Ibrahimovic trying to be funny in a dark suit with a kitschy brooch of his own name. The first looks trend? Dark make-up, power suits (Colapesce and Dimartino docet!) and silver glitter.

Hold on: now we only have four more nights left.

Here are the best looks of the evening.


Matilda de Angelis

Brand: Prada

Look: Matilda is the best thing about the Sanremo opening: easy-going, funny and super cute. With Prada she goes easy, wearing a whispered elegance, but with verve, in all three looks. The second outfit with its 1920s fringes is beautiful, while the "messy bun" hairstyle of the third look is a bit less impressive.

Result: 7,5



Brand: Dior

Look: Madame in a Dior suit covered in reflective plaques, bare feet, rebel curls and soft make-up using lipgloss to emphasize the mirror effect of the look. Sparkling!
P.S. Do you also think that the singer is becoming more and more like a Timothée Chalamet clone?

Result: 7



Brand: Maison Margiela

Look: Arisa opted for a strong, Rosalía-esque image in a fiery red tuxedo with a boxy Maison Margiela silhouette, extra long nails, a tail trapped in a metallic tube and strong makeup. The plum-burgundy lipstick catches all the attention.

Result: 8



Brand: Blumarine

Look: Blumarine mini black dress, in the new slightly 2000s version by Nicola Brognano, with a high neckline and sandals climbing up the leg. Both the dress and the sandals are beautiful, perhaps together they are not a winning match, but Annalisa knows how to wear them effortlessly.

Result: 7



Brand: Dolce & Gabbana

Look: Noemi's aesthetic renaissance came with a vintage mermaid dress covered in Swarovski crystals from Dolce & Gabbana's 2007-2008 collection. The touch of color comes from her auburn hair, slicked and parted in the middle. Nice outfit, but maybe all this glitter is already making us tired?

Result: 6,5


Francesca Michielin e Fedez

Brand: Miu Miu and Versace

Look: Cute. Francesca changed her look and opted for a wet-look bob and a more dramatic make-up, focusing on a bold black cat-eye. The line on the eyelids is so thick that some ironically claim it was made with a permanent marker. The glittery Miu Miu Fall2020 top (this year the Ariston stage is brighter than ever given the amount of glitter) gives her a special glow, but it is not matched in the best way.

At the end of the performance, Fedez, in a bit undertone Versace, even cried.

Result: 6,5


Achille Lauro

Brand: Gucci

Look: After last year's performances, it is hard to stay incisive. Lauro tried with the help of Alessandro Michele and Gucci, referencing Ziggy Stardust and, above all, Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Todd Haynes' glam masterpiece Velvet Goldmine.

Result: 8



Brand: Etro

Look: The great rock'n roll bandwagon hits the Ariston stage and does so with the darkest of outfits. Maneskin do everything right, but the risk of being cartoonish is just around the corner: black lips, lots of rimmel and eyeliner, fringes, jumpsuits, velvet, ruffles and bare skin. We liked them in their total black looks by Etro!

Result: 8


Coma Cose

Brand: MSGM

Look: Usually the "boyfriend and girlfriend" look doesn't work, but watching Coma Cose in matching outfits warms our tender side. Cool red eye shadow...when "the flames in your eyes" aren't just in the song.

Result: 7