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Larissa Iapichino is the new face of REDValentino

The young athlete is the protagonist of the second episode of #InspiredByREDValentino

Larissa Iapichino is the new face of REDValentino The young athlete is the protagonist of the second episode of #InspiredByREDValentino
courtesy of REDValentino
courtesy of REDValentino
courtesy of REDValentino
courtesy of REDValentino

Energetic, unique, authentic. This is how REDValentino describes Larissa Iapichino, promise of the Italian long jump and protagonist of the second chapter of #InspiredByREDValentino campaign. A new success for Iapichino - daughter of athletes Fiona May and Gianni Iapichino - this time in the world of fashion.

A story of successes, commitment and dedication is the one told by REDValentino through the Spring 2021 collection, showing the different facets of the young athlete and celebrating her talent, spontaneity, femininity. Professional athlete and future graduate in law, Larissa Iapichino has big goals for the future, between sports commitments and study, and other interests like beauty, photography and fashion.

"I am so happy to collaborate with REDValentino, a unique and energetic brand, with an authentic and original design that I think fits perfectly on me. I believe that my way of being a romantic girl and at the same time a little out of the ordinary, both in sports and in everyday life, reflects the values of the brand. I am still a dreamer, a teenager with two souls: on one hand a professional athlete, on the other a future graduate in law who believes in justice. I perceive REDValentino as the ideal partner to convey the message that dreams can come true in our own way, without ever losing our femininity”. 

courtesy of REDValentino
courtesy of REDValentino
courtesy of REDValentino

Larissa told nss G-Club about her dreams in the sports field, her collaboration with REDValentino and many other fun facts in a mini interview.


Hi Larissa, tell us more about you - and what describes you.

"Larissa is a true Florentine" - I can start with this, because the bond with my city, Florence, and with my family is very strong. I love being surrounded by art and beauty: growing up here I developed an innate passion for history of art and for poetry. My interests range from fashion, to books, travel, but also simple dates with friends, like all teenagers. I am attending the last year of Da Vinci scientific high school in Florence and I am very focused - in addition to training - also on studying.


When did you start practicing sports? Why did you choose long jump?

I started playing sports about 10 years ago, I practiced artistic gymnastics and I really didn't want to know about athletics. Then 5 years ago, in Monte Carlo, I saw live one of the stages of what is now the Diamond League and so I fell in love with this sport.

At the beginning I did a bit of all the athletics specialties, then gradually the field narrowed down, and naturally I realized that long jump was the athletic gesture that fascinated me the most, and I was able to express myself at best with. At the beginning, believe me, I wasn't so good at it... because in the take-off I was conditioned by the ways in which you take flight in the vault, and I couldn't coordinate my feet differently. Then something changed and now I feel at ease, especially in flight, with my head free from everything else.

courtesy of REDValentino

What advice would you give to young people who want to pursue a career in sport or practice sport at a competitive level?

The main advice is to be prepared to plan everything, to be very focused and constant in your commitment. And above all, to have patience, the best friend of every athlete. Furthermore, I believe that an athlete, always, at any level, can't lose the spirit of fun and the passion for sport: if these were lacking, any athlete would fail.


What are your next goals and dreams in sports?

2021 will be a tough year, the main goal will be the European Championships and the U20 World Cup in Tallin and Nairobi; of courdse my dream would be to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. In general, I would like to be able to excel, in the future, to better represent my nation internationally.

courtesy of REDValentino

Has fashion always been a passion for you?

My relationship with fashion is very close: it began when, as a child, I used to follow my mother to the fashion shows where she was a guest. She passed on this passion to me, both my parents have a great aesthetic sense. Personally, I love the romantic style but at the same time I'm a bit "rock", I like original, unconventional details. I am always into accessories, can be a bag, a belt, or shoes... but above all, bags are my biggest passion!


What does the collaboration with REDValentino mean to you? What are the values and characteristics of the brand in which you see yourself most?

The collaboration with REDValentino was my first real structured experience in the fashion world, a dream come true. I feel in perfect harmony with the brand and embrace all its values. Femininity and originality are also my daily mantra. The looks I wore are all fantastic, characterized by a romantic spirit, like mine, with the addition of "out of the ordinary" details, which I would call "a little rock". I hope this is just the beginning!