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5 fashion rules you shouldn't follow anymore

Only one rule: wear what you like!

5 fashion rules you shouldn't follow anymore Only one rule: wear what you like!

Fashion has its rules. Traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation and which it would be a sacrilege to go and profane. Or maybe not? With the digital revolution, the new entrepreneurs of the web, and the fashion that becomes the banner of social, ethical, environmental battles, then those original, exclusive and absolute principles are transformed into obsolete rules destined to disappear.

On the other hand, in recent times, fashion has undergone structural changes: from the re-evaluation of aesthetic canons, to the genderless wave, up to the changing contamination between shapes and stylistic inclinations. And as you progress, the more the list of fashion myths gets longer. Below we have tried to make a list of the 5 (+1) fashion rules that according to nss G-Club should no longer be followed.


1. Matching colors

How many times have we asked ourselves if blue goes with black, pink with red and orange, silver with gold.. or if it was "right" according to the canons of fashion to match the bag with shoes, or the hat on the belt: well, nobody in the fashion industry still follows these rules anymore. The freedom to choose how to create your own combinations is now absolute, in fact the originality of an outfit often derives from it. So green light for a mix of colors and materials. Iconic brands like Balmain, Isabel Marant, Versace have also done it. Then we dare too!


2. Don't show underwear

This rule has been broken since the 90s, but some people still raise controversy. What can and cannot be shown about women's underwear? In our opinion, everything! But if you want to take a cue you can always rely on style icons like Bella Hadid and Chiara Ferragni.



3. Don't wear socks with sandals

No matter the season, you always want to wear sandals. So why not wear them with socks? For many, it's a choice of style as well as practicality, like for the supermodel Bella Hadid, or as in the looks of Rodarte ss2021, or David Koma's latest catwalk, up to the Acne Studio latest show.



4. Don't mix the prints

Mixing prints has been taboo for decades. But in recent times the success of many runways and collections has been dictated by the audacity to break this inviolable precept. Just think of Armani (again), Molly Goddard, Halpern, who in their latest catwalks and digital shows have beaten the audience thanks to the mixing of different prints.. so go ahead with floral, animalier, geometric and abstract patterns, and so on.



5. Tall girls, no heels (and viceversa)

Here is another rule to forget. Who is under six feet should be forced to live a life in heels? And a tall girl should only wear flats and mules? We don't think so. A living example is Bella Hadid, who, even with her high heels, remains an icon, or the American singer Miley Cyrus, always ready to show off a comfortable sandal under her looks.



6. Dress to please others

More than a legend, it's a real lie! The only person who need to like the way you dress is YOU. And what you wear should make you feel good, like a second skin. That's the only rule you have to follow!