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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 collection

In "GAME ON", Nicolas Ghesquière designs clothes combined freely and creatively as playing cards

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 collection In GAME ON, Nicolas Ghesquière designs clothes combined freely and creatively as playing cards

No exotic destinations and wonderful locations. Louis Vuitton's Cruise 2021 collection tells the story of a stationary, inner journey. It is the result of a crisis that has forced the whole world to stop, to reconsider priorities, rediscovering the value of time. Nicolas Ghesquière has turned this new extended perception of days into a way to rediscover the codes of his style: 

I looked somewhere that has been calling out to me for a long time, somewhere I hadn’t taken the time to go back to. To uncover one inspiration after another. This is an exploration of my creative identity.

The result is Game On, a series of creations that mix the lines of the Monogram flowers with the four seeds of the playing cards and includes the echoes of the FW20 collection, presented at the PFW in front of a gallery with 200 characters dressed following the fashions of different eras (from the 15th century to 1950). 

80s blousons go hand in hand with relaxed fit trench coats, cargo pants and striped ones, rococo collars full of ruffles with romantic hoods, pullovers with maxi skirts, chemisiers with maxi dresses. The trait-d'union in this mash-up of opposite elements are the seeds of the cards that, in maxi version or blended in with the Monogram, bloom on each item, including bags. 

The location of the lookbook is the Paris headquarters of Louis Vuitton. Here, between photocopiers and office supplies, the Resort 2021 collection represents the perfect comfy and glam proposal for the return to the office life after the long lockdown.