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nss G-Club Giveaway: Marine Serre

nss G-Club Giveaway: Marine Serre

Young French designer that stole the hearts of the haute couture and sportswear lovers, just in a few years. She has always been passionate about vintage and tailoring, and after working as an apprentice for brands like McQueen, Margiela and Balenciaga, she started her own personal collections. The turning point arrived in 2017, when Marine wins the 2017 LVMH prize for emerging talents of the year. Her identity as a designer is clear since the beginning: her collections unites the aesthetics of luxury fashion with sports style, creating an harmonious combination of technical fabrics, precious textiles like silk, nylon headbands and long dresses with maxi-volant. The crescent moon is one of the landmarks of the designer, who leaves an aura of mystery around the meaning of the symbol, the little logo that decorates her most iconic products.

The last item of nss G-Club Advent Calendar id one of her most popular items of the designer Marine Serre. Today's giveaway offers the opportunity to win a very feminine and iconic piece, the long sleeve printed stretch-jersey top by Marine Serre, with the iconic black moons pattern. Tight-fitting and stretchy, perfect to wear under a blazer jacket and a high-waisted skirts, or to match with other contrasting patterns, for very bold outfits.

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Price: 190€


Find out how to win this Marine Serre loong sleeve in nss G-Club exclusive giveaway here