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Women Do Football

Football is female

Women Do Football
Football is female
Women Do Football Football is female

Magic electricity in the air, the smell of freshly-mown grass, the sound of the cleats on the ground of the tunnel leading to the field, the ritual of wearing one football boot before the other. Incredibly fascinating moments, fragments of a game that has no boundaries or limits

The growing attention and unprecedented focus that characterizes the upcoming Women’s World Cup, which will take place from June 7 to July 7 in France, reflects a historic evolution: the time has come for the girls to take the field. Strong with independence that has been accomplished through hard work and sacrifices, they’re ready to dismantle any stereotypes surrounding the compound of women-football. 

Nike has always believed in the value and in the strength of female athletes, as the latest Dream Further video proves: the Nike football jersey becomes a symbol, a flag, an armour that screams to the world that football is a girls’ game. 

Pro players, football enthusiasts and cool girls of the city come together to give life to a community that has at its heart the women’s love for such a magical sport. This community will find its highest expression during the upcoming World Cup, through a series of exclusive events, scheduled on June 9, 14 and 18. Stay tuned for all the details. 


Football is a constant doubt and quick decision. Football is female.

Determination and passion are the cogs that make female players start up this machine called ‘women’s football’.

Female football shouldn’t be seen as the exception but as the rule.

From today women and football will be an unbreakable duo.

Nothing compares to the feeling of running after a ball with the adrenaline through your veins, eager to score..

When I step on the field I feel at home.

Thanks to perseverance and courage we have managed to arrive at such a historic moment for female football.

The time has come to debunk clichés and misconceptions, today women can be the absolute protagonists even in the stadiums.
Another football is possible.

There is no Limit that we as Women can't Accomplish.