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10 fashion books to read this summer

Sneakers history, iconic designers' bio and streetstyle world

10 fashion books to read this summer  Sneakers history, iconic designers' bio and streetstyle world

Under the parasol on the beach, sitting at a table in a mountain cabin or while travelling towards the next destination of your on the road journey, all you need this summer is a good book. Whether you are serious fashion enthusiasts or, on the other hand, you don't know much about it and want to expand your horizons, nss magazine got you covered with the 10 best fashion books to read this summer. Good reading. 


#1 Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the ‘90s Regade Who Remade Fashion  - Maureen Callahan 

Publishing: Touchstone Books

Price: 14,49 (Amazon)

Pages: 263

Journalist Maureen Callahan brings us on a journey through the decade that changed forever the history of fashion, recounting the lives of the three most important figures of the '90s. Kate Moss becomes the ultimate top model, Jacobs and McQueen take art on the catwalks, stylists, photographers, editors, models reach a prominent role in the fashion industry, that isn't all fun and games though... 


#2 Dress Scandinavian: Style Your Life and Wardrobe the Danish Way – Pernille Teisbaek

Publishing: Ebury Press

Price: 16,24 (Amazon)

Pages: 192

In her first ever book, Danish stylist and influencer Pernille Teisbaek offers tips on how to create a minimal wardrobe, try androgynous looks, mix different patterns and textures, plus an essential guide of DOs and DONTs to everyday outfits. Scandinavian style. 


#3 This is not Fashion Streetwear: Past, Present and Future – King Adz and Wilma Stone

Publishing: Thames&Hudson

Price: 23,86 (Amazon

Pages: 304

This is the story of streetwear. The authors recount the story of the subcultures that have been incorporated in a multi-millionaire industry, taking over both high street and high end fashion. Harlem hip-hop kings and queens, British casuals, Milano paninari, Californian skaters, they all had a deep impact on street fashion, turning workwear and sportswear into super hype items. Beginning from the past, the book wonders also about streetwear future, fashion's fastest growing and most influential movement. 


#4 The Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris – Alicia Drake

Publishing: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Price: 14,33 (Amazon

Pages: 448

In 1950s Paris two rising stars of fashion share a special bond. Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld create during the years their own mesmerizing world, reshaping the industry's rules. The Beautiful Fall is the story of an era and of two men that more than everyone else changed it. 


#5 Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture  - Bobbito Garcia and Ada Hopkins

Publishing: Skira

Price: 33,66 (Amazon)

Pages: 256

The book first came out in 2015, it's true, but it's basically a Bible that every sneakerhead (and not) should own. Out of the Box includes sneakers ranging from 1860, passing to Nike Air Jordan and Air Force, the first adidas Superstar, arriving to the most innovative contemporary designers like Kanye West. The selection is contexualized with a series of interviews to designers, historians, sneakers collectors, creating a complete view on the technical evolution, the trends and the market campaings of the sneaker world of the pas two centuries. Plus: the book features prototype designs and sketched by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield


#6 Grace. A Memoir – Grace Coddington

Publishing: Random USA

Price: 25,36 (Amazon)

Pages: 333

In this memoir Vogue America creative director goes through the most important moments of her life, from her modelling career under the tutelage of Norman Parkinson, to her job at Calvin Klein, to her adventure at Vogue alongside Anna Wintour. Without forgetting her obsession with cats. 


#7 Casuals: Football, Fighting & Fashion: the Story of a Terrace Cult  – Phil Thorton

Publishing: Milo Books

Price: 13,69 (Amazon)

Pages: 288

The story of the English subculture born among the football stadiums terraces: violent football gangs who wore strictly designer clothes like Sergio Tacchini and adidas, to name a few. Even though they were largely ignored by media, casuals left a mark not only in the history of sports and English society, but above all in the fashion world, keeping inspiring and creating trends in the next years. Remember chavs


#8 Gods and Kings: the Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano – Dana Thomas

Publishing: Penguin

Price: 9,53 (Amazon

Pages: 432

In the first decade of 21 century the fashion world was dominated by two different but equally turbulent figures. In the same year McQueen committed suicide and Galliano professionally imploded. What happened? And how did the fashion system change after these events? The book explores the causes and consequences of these two facts that left a deep mark on luxury and art industry. 


#9 It – Alexa Chung

Publishing: Particular Books

Price: 19,12 (Amazon

Pages: 192

Model, TV host, British Vogue contributor and ultimate British style icon. Alexa Chung collects in her book It different inspirations (from Spice Girls to Jane Birkin), offers style tips, tells about a heartbreak, and revelas the secrets to a perfect selfie. A fun, light and witty reading perfect for summer. 


#10 This is not a f*ucking streetstyle book – Adam Katz Sinding

Publishing: TeNeues

Price: 42,50 (Amazon

Pages: 224

Cult photographer and influencer Adam Katz, super popular on Instagram, collects a series a streetwear images, both on the streets and in the backstage of more than 20 fashion shows. While portraying the best designers, influencers, models, stylists and real contemporary icons, Katz Sanding wonders about the streetstyle phenomenon and his influence on the fashion world, in conversation with Virgil Abloh