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The iconic beauty looks in Christmas movies

From Christine Baranski's camp style in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" to Keira Knightley's romantic minimalism in "Love Actually"

The iconic beauty looks in Christmas movies From Christine Baranski's camp style in How The Grinch Stole Christmas to Keira Knightley's romantic minimalism in Love Actually

We watch them every year to get into the right holiday spirit. We know the jokes and scenes by heart, but how many times have we dwelled on the beauty looks of the protagonists? If we had, we would have discovered some iconic choices, alternating between decidedly excessive solutions such as Christine Baranski's in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and others that are still cool and easy to try on such as Keira Knightley's version of the I'm Cold trend in Love Actually.

Here are the iconic beauty looks from Christmas films that G-Club has selected for you:


Catherine O'Hara in "Home Alone"

Before she played the fashion-addicted Moira Rose in Schitt's Creek, Catherine O'Hara was the most famous and careless mum in Christmas movies. Home Alone's Kate McCallister is a '90s working mum wearing camel-colored maxi coats and white wool cardigans and floral scarves. Her make-up is monochromatic, all played out in shades of orange, from lipstick to blush, which is generously distributed on the cheeks to warm the complexion and recall the hair color, a copper recently back in trend. In recent months, in fact, there have been many celebrities, from Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner, who have tried this shade and even dared to reinterpret Kevin's mother's long bob, but (thank God!) without copying that lifted tuft, supported by kilos of hairspray. 


Vera-Ellen in "White Christmas"

If White Christmas is still considered one of the most beloved Christmas movies today, much of the credit goes to the costumes, created by the legendary Edith Head, and the make-up by Wally Westmore. One adjective to describe both? Glamour, the pure sophisticated glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood, is perfectly embodied by the character of Vera-Ellen, who plays Judy Haynes in the musical. Together with her sister Betty and two ex-servicemen turned singers, she has to organize a Christmas show in Vermont, but it is not only her talent as a performer or her brightly colored clothes that shine, but her make-up: from her scarlet lips to the thick, long eyelashes that enhance her gaze. 


Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday"

Cameron Diaz, as Amanda in The Holiday, has a minimal look of the perfect Californian career girl. If from the point of view of clothes she sports a wardrobe of shearling coats, white wool jumpers, warm scarves and beanies, as far as make-up is concerned she concentrates on a barely there, sober make-up, played on pink tones. The skin is radiant and flushed, in the style of I'm cold, by blushes on the cheeks and the tip of the nose, in the same shade as the lipstick. For special moments, however, Amanda prefers to paint her lips Berry Kiss. She completes the beauty look with a short platinum blonde bob.  


Keira Knightley in "Love Actually"

Kiera Knightley is always our beauty muse, especially in the role of Juliet in Love Actually. In the 90s cult hit, the actress is simply perfect, with her English rose complexion and sweet eyes. The most interesting look is the one she sports in the wedding scene. As a bride, Juliet opts for minimalism and restraint with nude make-up using shades of brown on the eyelids, pink blush with golden highlights and pink also on the lips. The eyebrows are combed and well-disciplined, perhaps thanks to the use of a special gel, and the hairstyle is carefully studied. The hair, gathered in a disheveled way, with tendrils framing the face and feathers between the locks, is the funny element of the look. A fun fact: in many scenes, Amanda wears a large cap, the reason being a huge pimple that had sprouted on the forehead of the actress who was a teenager at the time of filming.


Christine Baranski in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

Christine Baranski in How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a mash-up between Martha Stewart and Veronica Lake in an ultra-camp version with an insane passion for Christmas style. Everything is exaggerated, redundant, catchy: from the red fur-trimmed costumes to the long silk diva dressing gowns, from the long black eyelashes to the red femme fatale lips. And what about the hairstyle? Tall as a tower impossible to climb and full of artfully wrapped locks to recreate regal packages. If you want to be noticed during the holidays, she is the ultimate reference.


Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls"

Lindsay Lohan has just returned with a new Christmas comedy available on Netflix, but for us she will always remain the Cady from Mean Girls. Her make-up in the film is typical of teenage girls in the early 2000s: thin (but not too thin) and well-defined eyebrows, pink blush, gloss on the lips, pastel eyeshadow that also dares with white and brightens the smokey eyes.


Mia Farrow in "Rosemary’s Baby" 

On the list of films to watch at Christmas, there cannot be a horror film. The most stylish is perhaps Rosemary's Baby, not only because of the costumes worn by Mia Farrow that inspired numerous designers in later years such as Raf Simons in his time at Calvin Klein, but also because of the beauty. Especially for her hairstyle. The actress starts the film with a bob and at one point presents herself to the viewer with an iconic pixie cut. For a long time it was thought to be the work of the famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, but Mia specified some time ago that it was a home-made cut done by the star herself with a pair of manicure scissors. Another urban legend is that after seeing her with very short hair, her husband at the time, Frank Sinatra, asked her for a divorce. Who knows if this is true? The only reality is that both the cut and the film are iconic and still modern. As is the eye make-up reminiscent that of Twiggy.


Winona Ryder in "Edward Scissorhands"

Winona Ryder's make-up in Edward Scissorhands is inspired by the 1980s, but in some ways still current and reminiscent of the I'm cold trend. The base of the face is natural, almost ethereal, the cheeks are enlivened by a rosy blush generously applied in the central part, a brown pencil is shaded along the contour of the eyes, while the lips are a luminous and slightly glossy coral-red. Hair is long with full fringes. Doesn't the color remind you of the one Bella Hadid just chose for her new hair look?