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Sustainable Beauty: reusable products

Practical and sustainable options to replace the disposable ones

Sustainable Beauty: reusable products Practical and sustainable options to replace the disposable ones

Among the beauty trends that are becoming more and more popular, there is the sustainable beauty, and at nss G-Club we are trying to make it a real life-style - as we can't live without our beauty routine but we care about the world. We already mentioned here a few of the major trends that combine beauty with sustainability, with a list of brands and products that are addressing their choice and values towards this direction.

The initiatives that brands are taking in favour of a "better" and more sustainable world are increasing day by day, so this list is constantly evolving.
If you don't know where to start, we have a piece of advice for you: one of the most efficient ways to start making sustainability become a lifestyle is indeed to reduce, as much as possible, excessive consumption. How is it possible?
A good (but still partial) solution is to start adopting reusable products, to replace the common "disposables".

Here is a selection of reusable products, to replace their single-use alter ego that has the same function but increase the extra consumption (sometimes really not necessary!) in a mini-shopping guide.



For this type of product, the existing reusable versions are really a lot. From the handy cotton cloths to the tiny disks in different shapes, many brands offer their eco-friendly option of makeup removers. There is no excuse to avoid them!



A variation to the textile or liquid cleansers to remove make-up and impurity are the electronic devices for facial cleansing: they replace the disposable products and, besides removing make-up, have a reshaping and massaging effect, which is super pleasant and relaxing. 

PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device
Price: 95€
Shop here



Facial beauty masks are one of the most popular products out there, and in beauty shops, we can find an endless variety of scents, functions, ingredients. A less common option is one of the reusable beauty masks: you can find textile masks designed specifically to be reused, just applying every time a little bit of cream on the mask or directly on the face before placing the mask on your face. And if you run out of your favourite skincare product, you just need to create a hand-made DIY mask and apply it on the reusable mask. So easy!



It's true, it's not easy to give up a relaxing manicure to treat ourselves a little bit, in our favourite beauty salon, but sometimes we have no time or we forget to book the appointment, so here we go with a practical and sustainable solution: the reusable manicure sets, like the colourful ones by Static Nails, that can be removed and re-applied effortlessly.

Static Nails Reusable Pop-on Manicure
Price: 15€
Shop here



For a soft exfoliation of the skin or a more intense body scrub, the sustainable versions of the traditional soaps and detergents are the exfoliating gloves. Usually made of natural or vegan ingredients, you can use them during the shower moving them gently on your skin, for a pleasant and long-lasting exfoliating effect.

Hydréa London Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt
Price: 10€
Shop here



For a unique gift, to yourselves or to a special friend, why not choosing a sustainable product? The pink quartz bottle-jewellery by Glacce, for example, has a fancy look and it's perfect to enjoy a fresh juice at home or to bring it always along with you - and of course, it is reusable. 

Glacce Rose Quarz Bottle
Price: 84€
Shop here