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A European holiday for each zodiac sign

For a bit of inspiration if you haven't booked your vacation yet

A European holiday for each zodiac sign For a bit of inspiration if you haven't booked your vacation yet

Summer has arrived and we can't wait to pack our bags, head to the airport, and take off to our summer destination. The most organized among us have had a clear plan for weeks, while some are still figuring things out last minute. Indeed, taking a chance on last-minute deals could be a good choice. This year is the year of Europe! Not only for football but also for our holidays. We've decided to recommend a European destination for each zodiac sign, so if you haven't planned anything yet, you can follow the advice of the stars. Check your sun sign, but also your rising sign.

Where to go this summer? A European destination for each zodiac sign

Aries - Tenerife

The Canary Islands are a great choice any time of year. Among them, Tenerife stands out due to its location. This destination will offer you nightlife, relaxation, adventure, and much more. You need to stay active, and on this island, you definitely won't get bored, thanks to the multitude of sports activities like kayaking, surfing, diving, hiking, and paragliding. Have you ever thought of going in September?

Experience: Backpack ready, packed lunch, and plenty of water, plan a day exploring Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you wish, you can reach its summit.

Taurus - Malta

In the heart of the Mediterranean, you'll find the route to Malta. You need a mix of sea and nightlife, without forgetting rest. Malta is a place that can lead to new acquaintances and improve your English. It might take a bit of time to get the hang of it, but within a week, you'll feel like a local. If you want, you can also delve into the country's history and culture in the island's capital, Valletta.

Experience: Malta boasts many beaches for long sunny days like Golden and Paradise Bay, but take advantage of the good weather to go on a day trip to Gozo Island, a small islet with turquoise waters. Don't miss Dwejra Bay.

Gemini - Mykonos

Mykonos, the Greek island most popular among the youth, is a must-visit for you, Gemini. Full of social life, bars, beach clubs, and venues in dream locations for summer vacations. Plan a week with a group of friends and rent a villa amidst nature. Every day will be a party, and you'll surely miss this island when you think back during the cold winter.

Experience: Spend the morning strolling through the streets of Mykonos Town where you can buy a Greek souvenir as a memento of the island and then head straight to Tropicana Beach Club in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and a cocktail amidst music and chatter.

Cancer - Santorini

The southernmost island of the Cyclades is your summer destination. We are talking about the renowned island of Santorini, surrounded by the cobalt blue sea and rich in authenticity and history, with the classic white houses typical of the Greek islands and the blue domes that blend with the sea. A romantic island, ideal if you are planning a couples' vacation but also very adventurous with continuous trekking and ups and downs.

Experience: Visit the picturesque village of Oia, you will be enchanted by its small streets, the ruins of the Venetian castle, and the white and blue structures. Watching a sunset with a breathtaking view from this part of the island is a must.

Leo - Ibiza

Ibiza is a vast and varied island, with sandy and rocky coves, renowned for its parties at Ushuaia and Pacha. But there's more; the island also hosts an ancient medieval citadel, one of the highest points of the island, and if you love bohemian and hippie vibes, you won't be disappointed. Don't forget to pack camper boots and a cowboy hat.

Experience: Stroll through the island's hippie market where you can shop for trendy accessories and a nice cover-up to flaunt at beach parties. For the romantics, don't miss the sunset from above.

Virgo - Albania

An alternative destination that is increasingly gaining traction in the tourism sector is Albania. You don't like crowds, Virgo, so you can fully enjoy the country's coast avoiding mass tourism in July and August. We can say that Albania is the perfect destination for summer vacations with crystal-clear waters, beach establishments, and sand dunes.

Experience: An on-the-road trip to the Karaburun Peninsula, located in the Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy the marine park of this area. A special place to spend a day and why not, rent a boat.

Libra - Barcelona

You love art, so book for Barcelona, one of the most picturesque cities in Europe with its warm colors and elaborate buildings. This city is full of places to visit, and if you want, you can enjoy some sun along the crowded Barceloneta. Barcelona is a great choice whether you want to travel with friends or go solo.

Experience: Between art and culture, take a break at the great Boqueria market, escape the heat with some smoothies and fresh fruit. Afterwards, you can walk down La Rambla.

Scorpio - Andalusia (Seville)

The hot Spanish region of Andalusia is ready to welcome you for a lovely week touring the most characteristic cities and places. This destination will make you feel all the authentic vibes of Spanish life with music and good food, tapas, and sangria. Scorpio, you get bored quickly: the Andalusian towns, each different, are perfect for you.

Experience: Among the stops in this region, Seville cannot be missed. One evening in this city, book a place for a flamenco show. You won't regret it, passionate and warm as you are.

Sagittarius - Portugal, Faro & Algarve

Prepare everything you need for an on-the-road adventure in Portugal. You can decide where to start, Sagittarius. Portugal will offer you a chill and relaxed vacation. If you go in August, the evenings might be a bit cool, so pack accordingly. Colorful cities and cliffs over the sea will be an unforgettable memory.

Experience: Include a stop at Cabo da Roca in your tour, the westernmost point of Europe. For the bravest, start a diving contest. Don't miss Faro for a swim in the waters surrounding the country.

Capricorn - French Riviera

Not far from Italy, the French Riviera is perfect if you want to experience a bit of French charm. If you love good food, you can indulge in tastings of cheese, pastries, and wine (all typical of France). Nice and Cannes are must-visit destinations during your vacation, making you feel like a movie star.

Experience: Not far from Cannes is the town of Grasse, home to the Fragonard Perfumery. Spend an afternoon visiting this perfume production company and create your own personalized fragrance.

Aquarius - Croatia (Pag)

Croatia is a popular, affordable, and somewhat wild destination: perfect for you, Aquarius! Your hipster soul will come alive on the islands of this region, some comfortable and some a bit less so. You will adapt to the pebble beaches, in exchange for freedom and lack of prejudice. If you crave culture, there's plenty of that too.

Experience: Plan a day trip to Klimno. Here, you can immerse yourself in skin-beneficial mud. Once rinsed off, you will feel rejuvenated, and your skin will thank you.

Pisces - Provence

The French region hosting fields of purple lavender is the perfect destination for your sweet summer, Pisces. Immerse yourself in Provençal villages, visit seaside towns, and don't miss a hike in the mountains surrounding Lac de Sainte-Croix. Take advantage of late June and the first half of July to witness its full, enchanting beauty.

Experience: Head to the Plateau de Valensole to admire the vast, fragrant lavender fields, armed with a camera to capture the moment.