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The astrological season of Cancer has begun

His influence on each zodiac sign, what to expect and the predictions for the period (including the summer solstice)

The astrological season of Cancer has begun His influence on each zodiac sign, what to expect and the predictions for the period (including the summer solstice)

The chatty and superficial Gemini season, focused on adapting to the overwhelming waves of life, comes to an end. It's time for Cancer, quiet, sensitive, and with a tender heart, revealed only to those they truly trust. It will be a time for care for everyone. This is the strength of the zodiac’s first water sign, which gives itself to others and is surprisingly good at navigating life's storms. Emotions and instability will be sky-high, and there will be a need to come together and support each other. Good luck!

When does Cancer season start? The sky of June and July and the Summer Solstice

As if that weren't enough, June 20th is also the Summer Solstice. We have already talked about what the tarot cards predict for this period. If Cancer's keywords are care, grudges, silence, depth, those of the Summer Solstice are energy, harvest, light. That’s not all. Due to Saturn and Neptune turning retrograde as we move from June to July, all our plans to organize our lives will be shuffled and thrown into the air. Starting in early July, we'll feel less dreamy and fanciful, but also more practical and in touch with our instincts. It’s the moment to take risks and make seemingly bizarre decisions. There might also be a feeling of being trapped or in limbo, stuck.

The characteristics of the Cancer sign

Cancers are highly aware of the environment they are in. Therefore, if someone brings bad intentions, they take care of removing them. It’s as if they were in an aquarium or an environment to be protected from external threats! Cancers are considered the parents of the group because they often manage everyone's moods and comfort them when they can. Despite this, they can hold grudges and wish harm upon anyone who disturbs them.

How Cancer season and the solstice affect all zodiac signs

Aries: Things have been going well for you for months, and it’s suspicious. Now, a bit of friction and some conflict arrive. You want to fight with yourself and others. Do it, you'll feel better afterward and can rest.

Taurus: You’re feeling great, you love water sign seasons. You know what you want and how to get it. The only problem? Others, anyone who gets in your way. With Mars’ help, remove them. Appreciate solitude.

Gemini: You’re growing, finally! Your inner self has never been so deep. Don’t complicate things too much, go with the flow, and let go of all resistance.

Cancer: You bring drama wherever you go. This is a transformative season for you. You have every intention of resolving unfinished business, but it’s not guaranteed you’ll succeed. You feel in limbo, but luckily you’re good at swimming in the ocean of existence.

Leo: You’re not in the mood to handle changes and erratic behaviors. Try to control your mood and outbursts. Maybe this turbulent period will lead to something constructive, break all unhealthy habits.

Virgo: Finally, you can breathe. Use the end of this month to let loose and lower the walls you’ve built for so long, celebrate and shine. Mercury helps you.

Libra: It’s not a great time, unfortunately. Try not to make it everyone’s problem if you can. It’s a matter of balance, and you’re Libra, it should be your bread and butter, for better or worse. You’re a wonderful villain: pull out your best outfits from the closet.

Scorpio: You need to isolate and recharge. Ignore Pluto, if you can. It’s not a good time for romantic missions. At the end of the season, Mars will come to your aid. Breathe!

Capricorn: This season will be very powerful for you. You’ve never been so ambitious and awake. The upcoming full moon in your sign overwhelms you with its emotions, which surpass the ego. Face your ghosts, you can’t avoid them any longer.

Sagittarius: You’re an expert acrobat at avoiding all the troubles dancing around you. You’re protected by a bubble of good luck, all thanks to Jupiter. Support friends of other signs, you’ll come out enriched.

Aquarius: You’re full of energy, and not all your missions are benevolent. You have strange goals, but you’ll achieve them all. Ignore the judging looks of others, do what you want. The important thing is not to hurt those around you.

Pisces: You want to isolate yourself from the entire world, but you want to do it for a very specific reason: to organize your life from scratch. Honor your desires and don’t get distracted by external pressures.