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A Milano Fashion Week's look for each zodiac sign

Fashion and Astrology come together at the Italian Fashion Capital

A Milano Fashion Week's look for each zodiac sign Fashion and Astrology come together at the Italian Fashion Capital

During Milan Fashion Week, we focused on the fashion heart of the city that was back to pulsating, on street-style looks but above all on the catwalks that returned to presence after two years of forced stop and took up the threads of the fashion discourse from where they had fallen, showing elements related to feelings and emotions that also guide the zodiac signs. Watching the fashion shows we let ourselves be inspired by the zodiac and we have selected for each sign a look from a show that embodies for aesthetics and meaning the typical characteristics of each solar sign. Prada represents a new form of elegance while remaining conscious of practicality and Marni reinterprets the world of fragility in a value-based way, while Ambush debuts in the capital of Milan embodying the combination of luxury and street-wear for women. Let's find out together which zodiac signs will be matched with their looks. 

Aries | Gucci

Sophisticated or sporty? Aries wants to be both! Here is the perfect look for the fire sign: sporty but with a black veil like a real drama queen, a red accent that shows character. Alessandro Michele in his presentation of the adidas x Gucci collection experiments between the everyday and the luxury of Florentine heritage that mixes the boundaries of masculine and feminine breaking down the rules, in full Aries style.


Taurus | Prada

For Taurus girls the motto is Prada or Nada, for this reason the perfect fashion look for them is the one presented by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons for Fall/Winter 22-23: a mix of essentials such as a white ribbed tank top, an oversized sheepskin and a powder pink longuette, straightforward, neat, accessorized with layering and floral patterns that are never trivial and mesh overskirts, lacquered pumps to complete it all, because being practical and comfortable while exuding confidence is a way of life, it can't be improvised. 

Gemini | Ambush

The Gemini girls in terms of look are not joking: a mix & match of simple garments, like this midnight blue catsuit combined with animal print pants with a cowboy cut, a combination that configures the perfect combo for the multifaceted personality of the sign of Gemini! All signed by Ambush, which with the verve of the creative director Yoon Ahn reaches a high level of contact between luxury and street-style, which embraces the dual being of Gemini, in a perfect union. 

Cancer | No.21

For Cancer, the most representative catwalk outfit is this one by N.21. Elegant, cool and romantic at the same time, full of emotion. The semi-transparent black mesh top embraces a suit composed of top and culotte in tartan pattern. Super effortless chic, to leave your mark free to run.

Leo | Versace

Red, sexy and strictly flashy, the perfect outfit for the Leo sign is this one worn by Gigi Hadid signed by Versace. The latex details on the legs and hands make this look strong, suitable for equally strong personalities like those of Leo, who are not afraid to dare and be recognized for bold choices. A statement of intent that Donatella Versace decides to make with an equally impactful make-up, definitely under the Leo sun.

Virgo | Jil Sander

One of the signs that always manages to mix perfection, practicality and aesthetics is definitely the Virgo. That's why her MFW 22 look is a long knit dress with wide sleeves, elbow-length gloves and 20s-style headgear, signed by Jil Sander, a brand with a heritage that recalls the power-suit of career women. A look that challenges the past and the present of practical elegance with a feminine and edgy mood, impossible to forget like the precision of Virgo. 

Libra | Fendi

Coolness and sophistication, the characteristics that every perfect outfit must have for the Libra sign. Fendi the Maison of reference of MFW 22 for the libra queens listening. For this fashion show, the creative director Kim Jones has carried out an exciting archive research guided by the memory of Karl Largerfeld: all the looks that were shown on the runway propose details that echo the old Fendi collections, to continue to bring to life the history of the brand founded and directed by Fendi women. The ideal look for Libra is the one worn by Bella Hadid: silk petticoat in pastel tones, cropped fur, jade gloves and bag and powder pink shoes. A bit boudoir, Trés chic!

Scorpio | Blumarine

Blumarine's runway show this Fashion Week brought the brand to show itself decidedly different than in the past. As in a picaresque novel, Brognano evolves in his story season after season the Blumarine girl, who in this FW 22 becomes darker and more sensual, moving away from pastel colors, floral patterns and floaty fabrics, greeting even the banner of lightness that Lotta Volkova has erected as a symbol of youth Y2K, the butterfly. With this collection Blumarine embodies the ideal of a strong, sexy woman, aware of her body and powerful in her desires. The look that encapsulates this new concept is the black patent leather jumpsuit with built-in corset that shows an obvious fetish allure, in full Scorpio style.

Sagittarius | Etro

Is a fashion show that is a journey through time and places possible? Of course it is for Etro! The Etro collection opens the door to new self-expressions with a reinterpretation of the iconic Paisley pattern, recorded in various graphic forms and fabrics. The virtuous flow between identity, space and time immediately recalls the irresistible eclecticism of Sagittarius, fire sign with great open-mindedness, always ready for change. In the dress that combines party moods and earthy nuances, the strong point of Etro appears again the openness to the personalized interpretation of each look as Veronica Etro says after the fashion show. 

Capricorn | Sportmax

Capricorn, rational earth sign with a strong character that hides inside a romantic and erotic personality. For this reason the collection of MFW 22 perfect for the sign is signed Sportmax. Severe silhouettes, with padded shoulders and clean lines, evoke in the collection the purely erotic inspiration and its implications in the real world.The look that deals with the two key themes for the sign is a mix between explicit sensuality based on latex and tight silhouettes and a strong personality that wears total black.

Aquarius | Sunnei

Aquarius is one of the most creative and non-conformist signs of the zodiac. Looking at the fashion shows of MFW 22 one of the shows to reach the concrete but dreamy Aquarian vibes is definitely SUNNEI. The duo Rizzo and Messina brought fashion to be a territory full of reflections, with revolutionary and performative actions. Just think that the classic catwalk of models was reinterpreted open air in a street scenario, in which the models ran to catch a cab, showing the collection in motion and leaving the audience speechless. Creativity, openness and difference, in full Aquarius style, are embodied in a look composed of colorful maxi earrings, oversized striped shirt, wide liquid effect pants, striped bag and sporty slip-ons. 

Pisces | Marni

Art, creativity, connection and shiny dream that sews through the fabric the links between fashion and value of time and clothes to give a second life. Francesco Risso interprets in the collection for Fall/Winter 2022 the multiform and fragile being of Pisces, writing in the show-notes "What can protect us better than what is most fragile?". The richly worked garments are talismans of courage that make imperfections their greatest value: in a hymn to the handmade, the handcrafted garments evoke the world of mended, unfinished and imperfect that leaves the body free, connecting in different ways to haute couture with a subversive and creative mood.