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A tarot pairing for each to identify how each zodiac sign loves

Find the perfect love match with tarot cards

A tarot pairing for each to identify how each zodiac sign loves Find the perfect love match with tarot cards


The year 2022 is clearly off to an uphill start, but that won't stop us from unnecessary fantasizing about the perfect match between our sign and the tarot card that appeared one night on a new moon. What energy will your sign have chosen for Valentine's Day? Get comfortable and open that box of cookies because most likely once again these cards will be talking about you and the unresolved world you carry within. But don't panic, the more you observe the more you will be on your way to learning to love yourself and let yourself be loved. So let's start unveiling your eternal crushes:


Aries — The Pope

Always looking for new stimuli and goals to overcome, Aries could only choose a lighthouse, a master, to love almost obsessively, and thanks to which learn to overcome any limit. Put your mind at rest: you will never be as good as your Pope, and even if the Pope will never look at you, he will still have something to teach you. 


Taurus — The hermit

Taurus loves security and routine, as well as all the more sensual beauties of life. The Hermit is likely to be his nemesis, detached and distant, ready to put an end to something that no longer has a reason to exist. This is what 2022 brings you Taurus, a different perspective from your very important ego, yet so essential to have the courage to move forward. For once, let yourself be bewitched by the charm of detachment.


Gemini — The moon

Enchanted by another dimension, your love is everything and nothing at the same time Gemini. The Moon is just your ideal companion: constantly evolving, just like you, it leads you to reflect on what it means to love today, at this time in your life. You're on the cusp of a major evolution.


Cancer — The hanged man

To bask in your comfort zone, you've chosen the partner who can't, or won't, talk. The Hanged Man is there and he's not, he's busy finding his center. And in the meantime, what will you do cancer? Will you be willing to give up space?

Leo — The world

There is only one thing you can love lion, besides yourself: victory. It looks like the time is right to make it happen, to get what you desire in your grasp. If you haven't done it yet prepare the perfect romantic evening: in this period no one will be able to say no to you. 


Virgo — The Empress

Beauty, grace, order: the empress is the perfect match for the virgin, who can only wish to have at his side the highest expression of attraction come down to earth. After all, she couldn't expect anything less. The risk? Getting bored soon. The golden patina soon becomes stained.


Libra — The Strenght

The chart fully reflects your tastes, Libra. The Force calms excesses, finds the balance point between instinct and rationality, in perfect harmony. Let yourself be seduced by those who have found this inner calm, and let them teach you the secrets that escape you the most.


Scorpio — The Tower

Scorpio, if you hadn't pulled this card for yourself, it would have managed to reach you anyway. You and the Tower are one in the same, that magnetic state of emotional chaos where mudslinging generates panic but also irrepressible enthusiasm. This is what you want, I know. Don't deprive yourself of it, but at least try to leave a few bricks to rebuild what's left. 


Sagittarius — The judgement

From the height of those who have already understood everything, your perfect match Sagittarius can only be anyone who is able to open your eyes to the realities of this world. And remind you that there is still so much to learn. That's enough to make you fall even more in love.


Capricorn — The wheel of fortune

Capricorn this time chooses the thrill of the uncertain: you're not getting too crazy, are you? Don't lose your head, not now. Slowly the time of the great choices that will know how to bring you far, not only in love, is approaching. 


Aquarius — The Emperor

Aquarius is in the process of building the cup: it feels like planning, fantasizing about children, bringing home the bacon. What's going on with you? is just one of the many ways to show that you've got it all under control, and the people around you are ready to agree with you. Feel free to go back to counting saturn rings whenever you want, you don't have to prove anything to anyone.


Pesci — La Papessa 

Pisces, like Scorpio, you're not in the mood to contradict yourself this year. You love those who can not / and do not want to be loved. After all, you like it that way. And we love you just the way you are. Just do yourself a favor, change focus, sign up for that pottery class you've been wanting to take since 2020. Love yourself.