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Euphoria character's zodiac signs

Here's why Rue is 100% a Virgo

Euphoria character's zodiac signs Here's why Rue is 100% a Virgo

Euphoria is a kaleidoscope of relationships in which the personalities of the characters emerge through choices and events, with which it is easy to empathize. As in any storyline that respects, there are elements typical of Rue, Jules, Nate, Maddie and Cassie that distinguish the characters on the basis of their values and vices, types of reasoning and relationship management, traceable to a zodiac sign. There are no details regarding the exact dates of birth of the characters until now, apart from the protagonist and narrator Rue, who in the first season says she was born a few days after the fall of the Twin Towers, September 14, 2001, making it of the sign of the Virgin. With the help of our favorite astro-girl Giorgia Zuccaro we then played to match the character profile of each character to hypothesize his zodiac sign, to complete the definition of the various protagonists of the series written by Sam Levinson. Knowing the sign of your favorite character can also be a trick to try to predict the next moves that will make and shorten the wait between one episode and another, definitely too long. Here then are the zodiac signs of the characters of Euphoria, based on our readings:

Maddy, queen of East Highland High School has a Fumantino temperament, is loyal to her circle of friendships and very protective but can also become quite stubborn when she doesn’t get what she wants, which puts her in natural competition with Nate, ambitious and perfectionist like a true Leo, but also very passionate. The charm of the two characters perfectly triangulates the emotional profile of Cassie, smart and flashy like a real Gemini, which absorbs the charm of the couple and lives an ambiguous bond with both, remaining faithful to the duality of the air sign. Mccay, in love with the blonde cheerleader, is the Libra man Cassie would need. The stars instead indicate a good match between Rue and Jules, being the narrator and first protagonist of the sign of the Virgin, rational and precise for what he wants, and Aquarius the character played by Hunter Shafer, open, friendly and engaging, very concentrated in his one inner world. Elliot, interpreted by Domik Fike, intercepts the understanding between the two girls and conquers them both, in a different way, with his emotional charisma, typical of the sign of Cancer. Kat, of the sign of Scorpio, lives an intense and difficult to manage character development, driven by her creativity that leads her to explore her deep being, almost as reflective as Lexi, introverted and observant but very ambitious in reality. Fezco, of the sign of Taurus is in his profile apparently violent a character on which to rely, concrete and kind, completely opposed to the father of Nate, Cal, that being of Sagittarius is a mobile sign and able to adapt to the different events that will live.