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LA NIÑA presents the new single "Na Cosa Sola"

And her first EP "EDEN", now available online

LA NIÑA presents the new single Na Cosa Sola And her first EP EDEN, now available online

She's not Rosalía. She's not FKA Twigs or Lafawndah. Nor the female version of LIBERATO. LA NIÑA is just LA NIÑA. The latest artistic life of Carola Moccia, following Fitness Forever, Cyen and the duo YOMBE together with Alfredo Maddaluno, strikes straight at the heart. Like the new single 'Na Cosa Sola.

She, her voice, her movements are all it takes to hypnotize the viewer and the listener. Beautiful, sinuous, feline, in the video directed by KWSK NINJA she is a futuristic gladiator with very long nails and a strong attitude who challenges a lover to leave her. 

The sensual and mature aesthetic which perfectly matches her deep voice, set on a minimal, almost naked electronic base, is the same that LA NIÑA shows on her Instagram profile. Music and style come together in a hybrid deconstructing the background of the singer from San Giorgio a Cremano projecting her into the future of avant-pop. In her world, characterized by burning passions, femininity and feminism, coexist Naples; Spanish art and culture that has deeply marked the Neapolitan city; girl power; the 90s; streetstyle; Teresa de Sio; neo-melodic gangster-folks songs; trap-house. 

In the cover of EDEN, the first EP by LA NIÑA for Sony Music out on February 15, previewed by Na Cosa Sola and the folk poem FORTUNA, the singer is a bionic heroine, an amazon of the future portrayed between snakes and skulls, a classic view of the Neapolitan gulf from the Grand Tour of the 800 transformed into a post-pandemic landscape. The six tracks inside, produced by KWSK NINJA, who also curates the visual identity of the project, are a slap in the face to the contemporary Italian pop in which the singer shows herself with the power that has only those who face the world naked, dressed just of her feelings and her talent. EDEN is now available on SpotifyApple Music and Itunes store. Enjoy!