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Piña Colada by Margherita Vicario is the anti-hit of this summer

The new single ft. Izi has the right sound and irony to stuck in your head

Piña Colada by Margherita Vicario is the anti-hit of this summer The new single ft. Izi has the right sound and irony to stuck in your head

Take the cheerful rhythm of the salsa, add a Spanish riff and have a producer like Davide "Dade" Pavanello (aka Antianti member of Linea 77, founder of INRI records and Salmo's right-hand man) shake it up. Call the result like one of the most popular beach drinks and you'll have the ultimate hit for summer 2020. Or rather the anti-hit. Yes, because Piña Colada, the new single by Margherita Vicario, combines the typical elements of a classic song to listen to by the sea with your feet in the hot sand and a Calippo in your hand, but gives it a brand new twist in contemporary pop: irony.

A me nella vita per esser contenta

mi basta un amore ed un buon conto in banca

ma se resto povera allora pazienza

mi basta una macchina media potenza

con uno stereo fortissimo

per questo disco bellissimo


The video, a "neorealist" experiment by Francesco Coppola, was shot in Ostia, where Margherita and Izi spent a whole day with a large family living in the Idroscalo. Removing the romantic and dreamy filter of the summer imagery narrated by social media, the videoclip tells of those who manage to find happiness and fun in their family, in a small hand-made pool, in the laughter and dances of the children.

The young artist who jumps from singer to actress, while she lists the limits of the contemporary routine made of a thousand distractions and paranoia, giubbottini, successes to chase, family and stereotypical standards to satisfy, before realizing that sometimes it is better to slow down, go back to the essential and wonder what makes us happy. The track features Izi, a partnership that Margherita described in this way:

I asked Izi to collaborate on this song with me because I think he has a common thing with me: writing through images, playing music as a story. And then he is not one of those rappers full of frills: he goes straight to the heart of the matter. He just cuts out the unnecessary, in fact.

With the release of the single, which follows Mandela's funk-pop, Giubbottino urban-pop track, the award-winning Abaué / Morte di un trap boy, Margherita also announces the dates of the summer tour, produced by DNA Concerti, which will bring her on the Italian stages with her baroque pop:

Giovedì 16 luglio – Roma - Prendiamola con Filosofia
Giovedì 23 luglio – Bagnacavallo (RA) – Mutazioni Post
Martedì 28 luglio – Rende (CS) – Be alternative Festival
Giovedì 30 luglio – Modena – Cantautori su Marte
Venerdì 31 luglio 2020 - Rosolina Mare (RO) – Voci per la Libertà / Premio Amnesty International
Sabato 8 agosto – Mantova – She says! She rules!
Giovedì 03 settembre 2020 – Rimini - Le Città Visibili
Venerdì 11 settembre 2020 - Acquaviva (SI) – Live Rock Festival
Venerdì 25 settembre 2020 - Torino - Premio Buscaglione