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Matisa presents "Organza/Honey Comb EP"

The Roman DJ and producer debuts for Optimo Music

Matisa presents Organza/Honey Comb EP The Roman DJ and producer debuts for Optimo Music

Optimo Music, the record label founded in Glasgow by Keith McIver (aka JD Twitch) is one of the most influential names in the industry, an absolute reference in the field of electronic music, which over the years has launched many crystalline talents, promoting always fresh and unconventional sound. The latest artist discovered by Optimo is Matisa, a young and talented DJ and producer from Rome who started her artistic career in 2013 playing as a resident DJ at the Neutra Music Lab in Anagni.

Always passionate about music and vinyl collector, the girl has made her bones bringing to the best clubs her varied and refined style that combines techno, electro, house, disco and is characterized by the presence of electronic sounds and nu-disco. Matisa now debuts with Organza/Honey Comb EP, a series of original sounding tracks, perfect for the dance-floor. Her dynamic beats, sampling and robotic vocal tapes have already conquered important names in the scene such as Jennifer Cardini, Justin Cudmore, Cooper Saver, Justin Strauss, Ivan Smagghe, DJ Seinfeld, DJ Ralf. Do you bet we will hear a lot more about Matisa?