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Sustainable wedding: the ultimate guide

The advice by the experts of Zalando to be eco-friendly during the special day, and to reuse the wedding dress in everyday life

Sustainable wedding: the ultimate guide The advice by the experts of Zalando to be eco-friendly during the special day, and to reuse the wedding dress in everyday life

The wedding season - from now until the end of 2022 - is officially back! And together with it, also the desire to feel good in the dress you are wearing. Especially if the dress is also sustainable. To help us with the choice the fashion experts of Zalando - the e-store has just launched the sustainability filters for women's clothing - spoke with the champions of the sector, following the silhouettes of each body type and applying the technique of recycling in everyday life, besides the wedding day. So, how can a bride dress eco-friendly for her special day? The report by GlobalData in 2020 highlighted an interest of +37% of British consumers in sustainable brands. This means more attention in materials with lower energy consumption, which reduce waste by applying an ethical treatment not only in the choice of fabrics but also in respect of the workers. The road, albeit still long (in fact about 85% of fabrics still ends up in landfills or incinerators) is leading to a fashion world that is increasingly attentive to upcycling.

“Two very clear trends will emerge this wedding season. On the one hand, there will be understated outfits for small, intimate weddings – for those focusing on their nearest and dearest after the lack of contact during the pandemic. On the other hand, we’ll see bold and adventurous clothing from the ‘go big or go home’ crowd who want to make the most of overdue wedding celebrations.” - as professional stylist Donna McCulloch said to Zalando.

Here is a quick recap of this season's wedding trends, to savor the return to "normal life" and enjoy the special day, in a conscious and sustainable way.


Expert tips for sustainable wedding choices

Take the opportunity to wear something unconventional, like trousers, long skirts or cocktail dresses. Or again second-hand clothes, maybe having fun exchanging the dress with a friend, or looking for it on Vinted. If you want to buy something new, it is better to opt for something that can be worn on other occasions. “There's no better feeling than feeling comfortable and that displays itself differently for everyone, we can't assume a larger body wants to 'hide' certain parts or stick on a floral dress. To explore what clothes make you feel most confident, start by changing up accessories or even trying accessories, full stop. If that feels good, try a different pattern or colour. Then, if that feels really good, do it all at once! Fashion is about self-expression and everyone differs on what makes them feel beautiful. Just remember to dress for you.” - stated Lindsay McGlone, plus size activist.

Try it on, always

Browsing online is a great starting point to get an idea of what you want. But before you can make any serious decisions, it's important to see and try the dress in person, as vintage fashion has particular silhouettes. Rather than focusing on a specific dress online, consider finding vintage wedding salons in your area. In order to have enough time to have it delivered at home, measure it, and if necessary, think of a different solution.



Rework your wedding outfit for everyday use

A dress should never live only in memory or end up forgotten in a corner of our wardrobe. Even the most formal pieces are versatile, they can be adapted and reworked for future occasions. For example, you can add a blouse under a dress, wear it over a casual jacket, combine it with sneakers or a new pair of sunglasses, or again choose it as a picnic or garden outfit.

If you don't wear it again, sell it

It can happen that a dress is designed only for the wedding day. So, if you can't find any other occasions to wear it, look for another way to responsibly get rid of it. Swapping or selling is also a great way to give the dress a new life, while also making some money.


Sustainable fashion is for all body types

It took quite some time for the fashion industry to recognize plus-size consumers, but it's finally happening. However, many sustainable fashion brands don't use plus-size models, so there is still a lot of progress to be done. But with careful research, it's easy to combine sustainability with clothes that can make you feel good wearing them.