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Our predictions for summer 2024 trends

From pajama pants to bikini tops

Our predictions for summer 2024 trends From pajama pants to bikini tops

"Summer's upcoming trends" "must-have pieces for summer 2024" or "summer 2024 outfit inspo": let us guess, these are just some of the phrases you're typing on Pinterest, in the search bar on TikTok, or directly on Google these days. That's why we're about to provide you with an updated guide to the upcoming trends from which you can draw inspiration to refresh your summer wardrobe. Styles, fashion, and trends spread across the feeds of our favorite social networks with the same speed they fade away. It's becoming increasingly difficult to pinpoint what will make us trendy in every season of the year. The forecast for this summer calls for a shower of new aesthetics, a wave of looks returning from the past, and a breeze of creativity. From the balloon skirt to voluminous jewelry to sunglass charms: here's the guide to not be unprepared for your beach party.

Pijama pants

Would you ever have thought that going out in pajamas could become cool? This summer it will be like this: it's time to show off lightweight pants, characterized by vertical or horizontal stripes, often in pastel or fluorescent colors, bright and bold. In short, very similar to the pants of our summer pajamas. According to web users, they will be the protagonists of summer 2024 and many brands have chosen to include them in their latest collections. To match them perfectly, we recommend pairing them with basic items like white tops and t-shirts and completing the look with sneakers.

Voluminous Jewelry

Every fashion addict knows that accessories can transform an outfit and give it new life. The keyword for the hottest season of the year is definitely chunky. You need to equip yourself with voluminous jewelry, like very wide and rigid bracelets. The preferred vibes are warm, like those found in the fascinating markets of Morocco. To be a perfect Princess Jasmine, you can't overlook colorful stones. Finally, add the finishing touch with rings of different shapes and colors, and don't forget to show off a nice choker.

Bloomer Shorts and Balloon Skirts

The country core doesn't end after the last notes of Texas hold 'em by Beyoncé. The aesthetic has been popular on social media for some time now and has brought many trends we've seen on the catwalk to the fore, like Texas boots and cowboy hats. Now it's time for ruffle shorts, also known as bloomer shorts. The favorite colors are white, beige, and black, often paired with a colorful t-shirt or a corset that leaves the shoulders bare. This garment has been among the undisputed protagonists of Coachella and is among the most loved by singers and performers, but it's not the only one. Sabrina Carpenter, a fashion icon of the moment, loves to perform wearing bubble skirts. That's right, it's time to rummage through the closet, because the skirt your grandma gave you for Christmas in 2015 could still be useful.

Jennie Kim and Sunglass Charms

Why limit yourself to choosing only lenses and frames when you can embellish your glasses with playful charms and applications? After the glasses with piercings worn by Billie Eilish, a new trend could turn our summer around. It's about interchangeable charms to insert into specific holes on the temples of our trusted glasses. Proposing this super creative and glamorous novelty is the eyewear brand Gentle Monster, along with a special partner. It's the singer and K-pop rapper Jennie Kim, the star of the new collection. The campaign images, captured by the artist and photographer Petra Collins, invite viewers into the dreamlike landscape of Jentle Salon. So isn't it time to pay a visit? Perhaps before inaugurating the summer season with a swim in the sea.

Gilet with Bows

That coquette aesthetic dominates algorithms is now a given. Just think of the bows invading all the shops, from fast fashion to luxury boutiques. However, cardigans, t-shirts, and earrings have lost their coquette primacy to make way for a new trend: the bow-closure vest, the perfect blend of siren office style and cutecore. It can be worn on various occasions, from an afternoon with friends to an elegant dinner to a day at the office. We recommend pairing it with pointed ballet flats, perhaps with small straps or mini studs. For a nice contrast.

Bikini Tops: Alternatives to Fast Fashion

Sometimes it's not necessary to buy; sometimes the key to adapting to new trends lies in our wardrobe, hidden and waiting to be discovered. Shopping isn't always the best alternative, just think of the rise of vintage in recent times. Fashion is cyclical, and sooner or later, what used to be out comes back in. Some, however, don't just recycle clothes and accessories, giving them new life, but create and customize them from scratch according to their own personal style. On TikTok, bikini tops are viral, small and unique tops that are worn over shirts, as if they were a sort of necklace. To make them, you'll need yarn and crochet hooks, or maybe a short tutorial on crochet technique to find online. It's worth a try, maybe we'll conquer a new hobby.