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5 types of manicure to try in 2020

Along with a few nail art ideas to inspire your next manicure

5 types of manicure to try in 2020 Along with a few nail art ideas to inspire your next manicure

One of our resolutions for the new year here at nss G-Club is to leave behind (at least temporarily) our routine manicure, the one that is waiting for us at the usual beauty salon every 2-3 weeks, and try something new to break the monotony and understand which kind of manicure fits better our personality and our hands. 

Over the last year, we had a little preview of the manicure trends that will be protagonists during 2020: from the more basic and fast nail-care to the more practical ones that can last up to four weeks, till the more complex techniques of re-construction and decoration. We selected a few trends that we will definitely try during the new year and that we will see in magazines and in the beauty salons of our city.



A true classic, that generally consists of filing, shaping and polishing of the nails, with the removal of the cuticles, application of nourishing oil and a quick hand massage. It is optional to finalize the standard manicure with the application of nail polish: it's a convenient and fast option to have flawless hands with a limited budget. 



An alternative option to the basic standard manicure is the one with the final addition of nail art: a nude nail polish embellished with small freehand drawings, tiny stickers with creative designs, gems and decorations. There are endless options, and if you can't choose, we suggest you go for a different design on each nail!



It's a middle ground between the standard manicure with polish and the gel manicure, the Vinylux is a type of nail polish made by CND to last longer. After just a couple of wipes, without using top-coat and UV lamp, you will have a shiny, protective and long-lasting manicure.



The gel is one of the most common products in the beauty salons and one of the most popular types of manicure. With gel, we can ensure many different results: nail extension with the possibility to choose length and shape, monochromatic, matte, nuanced tones, and also glossy effects. One of the latest nail art trends with gel is the milky nails: a specific kind of gel creates a delicate ombrè effect on the tones of milk-white and pastel pink.



Acrylics are made up of a liquid and a powder, that mixed together will create a substance that can be shaped as desired and gets solid in a couple of seconds. Once the acrylic is solid and dry, any kind of nail polish, glitter or nail art can be applied all over the nails. A similar version is the dip powder manicure: this kind of manicure uses powder as well, in which you will dip your nails to create immediately a specific effect or colour, without the extra application of nail polish.