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The new Wanderful powders by Benefit Cosmetics

Blushes, bronzers and highlighters for a perfect "sun-kissed" effect

The new Wanderful powders by Benefit Cosmetics Blushes, bronzers and highlighters for a perfect sun-kissed effect

Blush is the true product of the spring and summer months. A wipe over the cheeks and cheekbones is enough to give the face a natural healthy glow and to brighten up the complexion in an instant, giving us a "sun-kissed" effect even if the sea is still a distant dream and we are forced to spend hours locked up in the office. Just take a look at TikTok to realize that there are many hacks for choosing the right one for us: never wear one that is too light or too dark and be careful not to run into the "Barbie effect". From next May, Benefit Cosmetics will make it easier for us to find the perfect match thanks to a new selection of powders that, among blushes, bronzers and highlighters, will make us shine like never before.

Wonderful World is the most versatile and inclusive shades collection ever created by Benefit. It consists of 12 blushes inspired by the colors and facets of the elements of nature from which they also take their names such as Moone, Dandelion, Butterfly, Java, Pompom or Shellie. These are ultra-pigmented, silky, impalpable powders with a natural matte, satin and soft-shimmer finish, which do not smudge and blend immediately, with ease. Moreover, in almost all blushes, the formula is enriched with water pearls and synthetic sapphire powder for a glowing look that would make even JLo envious. The colors are divided between soft pinks, bright peach, vibrant coral, rich raspberry reds and natural tones for the day-by-day. Shades suitable for all skin types include Willa with its deep, soft pink and Shellie with its coral pink shade, while bolder and more intense shades, particularly suitable for darker skin types, include Moone with its bright burgundy and the super bold orange of Butterfly. Completing the Benefit Cosmetics powder range are the 3 highlighters (Cookie, TickleDandelion Twinkle) and the 4 shades of the multi-award-winning bronzers that return with the same silky, blendable formula and matte finish as the original cult bronzer Hoola, but with a new range of shades and a sustainable outer packaging.

Use them together to create new looks. For example, we can apply Moone on the cheeks and Hoola to create contouring, or Shellie on the cheeks and Dandelion Twinkle on the temples for a 70s rock vibe. If, on the other hand, we want to look like we just came back from a day at the beach, then the secret is not to apply blush only on the cheeks, but also on the center of the nose. Giulio Schettini, National Brow and Beauty Authority Benefit Cosmetics Italia, gives us three tips for top application:

- Always take a little product at a time and remove the excess from the brush before applying the powder on the cheeks, better to start with a little product going to gradually intensify the effect.

- Always move the brush in circular movements, increasing the pressure towards the outside of the face.

- To make the cheekbone look decidedly higher, start the application of blush from about 2 fingers away from the side of the nose. While for a real 'drama queen' make-up, intensify the application of the blush towards the temples.

All Box 'O Powder are available from 18 May on the Benefit Cosmetics website and at any licensed store. In addition to the new blushes, you will find the brand new Multitasking Face Brush, retractable, super versatile and compact, its synthetic fiber bristles make it perfect for blending all Benefit Cosmetics powders very easily.