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Brow Bars: 3 salons for perfect eyebrows in Milan

The art of brow service and the addresses to mark in your agenda

Brow Bars: 3 salons for perfect eyebrows in Milan The art of brow service and the addresses to mark in your agenda

Recently, here on nss G-Club, we have reported on about the importance of eyebrows on a face and how Instagram, over the last few years, has revived the trend of having full and well-defined brows but still extremely natural. That said, at home, specific serums and mascara can help brows regrow thicker and thicker - and we can take advantage of this period to experiment with these products - however it's in the brow bars that the perfect eyebrow arch is studied and redesigned

Comfortable and highly specialized, those are beauty stores where in 20 minutes (just a little less than a lunch break) you can rely on an eyebrow design expert to give yourself a relaxing break and give yourself a new look. The eyebrows are in fact "cleaned" with special brushes and tweezers, and redesigned according to your face shape.

The art of brow service, or well-groomed eyebrows, is a technique that ensures excellent results. First of all, the expert perfectly studies the shape of your face and the natural line of the eyebrows and, using specific tools, precisely "fixes" what should be the most appropriate start, end and highest point of the eyebrow arch. In addition, if desired, the services also include the tint of the eyebrows, as well as a delicate waxing combined with a work of thinning and styling with tweezers and scissors and related applications of soothing products to give relief to the interested areas, and finally an application of an ad hoc makeup for the eyebrows.

Here we have collected for you 3 addresses of Brow Bars in Milan to try as soon as the situation will be returned to normality.



Inside the Sephora Beauty Store, in collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics, the Brow Bar Benefit is the right place to define and shape the eyebrows in the heart of Milan. A team of Brow Experts will be at your disposal to guide you in the treatment that suits you using Sephora's products: it goes from the complete service including modelling to the classic tint. 



The Brow Bar is an elegant space specialized in eyebrow and eyelash care: from the classic correction, with tweezers or thread, to colouring with henna, lightening or actual tint.



Plumes was the first Italian salon dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of the eyebrows and eyelashes. There are many services offered for eyebrows: from corrective hair removal to a personalized analysis of the design