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Sustainable beauty: naked products

When packaging becomes something to avoid

Sustainable beauty: naked products When packaging becomes something to avoid

When we talk about sustainability in the world of beauty, we know that less is more is the motto. In fact, we cannot always speak of 100% sustainable products, since it is difficult to eliminate all the harmful elements for the environment during the production processes, from the ingredients, from the packaging and from the products themselves. For this reason, a solution to get as close as possible and take another step towards a more sustainable beauty world is to eliminate packaging, or at least reduce it to the bare minimum. 

Actually the packaging in the beauty world has an important role in terms of aesthetics and marketing, but not strictly necessary for the product itself in some cases. In this industry, brands often devote energy and passion in the use of colours, shapes and materials for the packaging of their products: pastel colours, glitter, golden and silver or iridescent shades, but also eye-catching or ironic shapes, give the cosmetic products a captivating look (difficult to resist, we admit it).

And here is where loose products come from, from the conscious (and eco-friendly) choice that some products do not need a real packaging, but they can simply be wrapped in recycled paper, for example, and comfortably brought home. From soaps to shampoos and masks in solid format, different types of product can be found in their "packaging-free" version.

We talked more generally about some beauty trends around sustainability, and we wanted to explore the world of loose products here, with a dedicated mini shopping guide as well. Here you go!




Lush is the first brand we think of when we talk about bulk products, or "naked" products as Lush names them. The variety of types and functions of naked products is really wide: from the most classic soaps and bath bombs to make-up products such as highlighters, lipsticks and foundation, to cosmetic products such as deodorants, body creams, shampoos, hair masks .. the list is really long!



Soaps are certainly the most common bulk product, the easiest to find in stores and online, and therefore the most used one. The brands that are starting to create their own range of bulk soaps, with packaging reduced to the bare minimum, are becoming more and more. Few examples are Buck Naked Soap CompanyNaked Goat SoapsJo Malone London.



Unwrapped life, as the name of the brand itself suggests, is a line of cosmetic products and hair accessories that eliminates plastic and all superfluous packaging materials, as much as possible. Reusable, zero-waste, vegan and even naked products, such as the conditioner & shampoo bars kit, available in different versions based on the function and main ingredients.





Bkind is a Canadian brand and website that offers sustainable products, with packaging made from natural, biodegradable and reusable materials. Some examples are the biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, also very hygienic and resistant material, and the shampoo and conditioner kit in a bar format, based on natural ingredients, available with a reusable bamboo container or without packaging.



Also Naked Truth Beauty is a brand committed to the world of sustainability, which replaces the classic plastic or metal tubes for its make-up products, with a version in fully recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper. Their range of products varies from eyelid dyes, to blush for cheeks and lips, to face highlighters.