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Sustainable Beauty: 2020 trends

Not only fashion, the world of beauty cares about sustainability too

Sustainable Beauty: 2020 trends Not only fashion, the world of beauty cares about sustainability too

At nss G-club we love to take care of our skin with a good skincare routine, we are always looking for new products to include in our cosmetic-bags. 

One of the hottest topics of the last months, that certainly will become more and more important in 2020, is sustainability. From the usage of recycled materials to the trend of second-hand clothing, till the awareness campaigns, many brands of the fashion industry started to make more ethical and sustainable choices. The world of beauty is always looking for innovation and new ways to make their products more sustainable. We made a selection of beauty trends that we can define eco-friendly, like zero-waste and recycled products, and do-it-yourself skincare.

Disclaimer: in most cases, we are not talking about 100% sustainable products and trends, we are just providing tips on actions that we all can take every day to minimize the environmental impact and extreme consumption while we prepare our beauty routine - also thanks to the steps that many beauty brands are making towards a more sustainable world.



Brands are becoming more aware of the importance of packaging for their products, that besides being cool can also be zero-waste: using, for example, fewer layers, removing the plastic and replacing it with recycled paper or less common fabrics like bamboo or silicon. 
The charcoal beauty bar of SkinOwl, for example, is the perfect product to remove toxins and impurity from the skin, made up of 100% natural essential oils, and presents a minimalistic packaging in recycled paper. Or Axiology lipsticks: the tube is made of aluminium and the box is made with paper, both recycled and recyclable (and the lipsticks are vegan!). 

Price: 24$ USD
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Price: 30$ USD
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To minimize waste of product it is possible to re-use the container: many brands like Rituals and Ren create packagings to make it easier for consumers to refill and give a new life to the containers.
Rituals made a refillable packaging, for products like body cream and hand soap, made up of different parts that can be assembled: when you run out of your favourite products, you can easily buy the refill pack and fill up the old container.
A related trend is one of the bulk products, especially hand soaps and products like solid shampoo and creams. From more popular brands like Lush to more luxury ones like Jo Malone, the bulk soaps are an eco-friendly and fresh option besides the traditional liquid hand soap in plastic containers. Worth to try also the Beauty Kubes, vegan shampoo bars by the British brand The Weekly Shop.

Price of the body cream 19.50€, price of the refill 15.50€
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Price: 24$ USD
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Price: 8.50£
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Not only when we talk about fashion, but also about beauty and sustainability, less is more is our motto. This is not only about buying the right quantity of product, avoiding extra waste and expenses but also about finding products that are multi-functional - we already spoke about these products in this shopping guide.
A good example arrives from NARS, that with its "Multiple" offers a product that is at once lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. In this specific case, the products are not meant to be eco-friendly, but it's a great way to limit the consumption in terms of a number of products (and sometimes it's also about money!).

Price: 42€
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One of the most eco-friendly trends is obviously do-it-yourself. What does it mean? To turn the products we use every day into beauty products. Few examples are olive oil, avocado, honey, yoghurt.. the list is almost endless, and with products coming directly from our kitchen, we can create beauty masks, hair balms, lip balms, natural cleansing: it's a 100% sustainable option and has wonderful results on our body too.
An atypical product is the coconut oil: it's a perfect moisturizing cream for skin, nails and hair, and can also be added to a warm bath for an extremely relaxing effect. In general, the ways of usage are similar to the ones of olive oil, that we explained here.

Price: 18€
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Plant-based products, besides avoiding chemical and aggressive ingredients, are one of the best partners for the environment. 
The vegan deodorant Myro, for example, is made up of healthy and natural ingredients, has a cool packaging and presents a variety of scents - and if you can't live without it after trying it the first time, you can just buy the refill kit.

Price: 10$ USD
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This is the most "extreme" type of sustainable beauty product, and probably not everyone would like the idea of using make-up or cream that was previously owned by someone else.
The platform Glambot was created solve this issue, selling pre-owned beauty products (at a lower price obviously) only after cleaning and sanitizing them in a professional and certified way, for example removing a layer of product.