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Uslu Airlines, the beauty brand drawing inspiration from airlines

Feride Uslu has revolutionized the nail art and the make-up world

Uslu Airlines, the beauty brand drawing inspiration from airlines Feride Uslu has revolutionized the nail art and the make-up world

Uslu Airlines is the beauty brand born in 2003 from the mind of Feride Uslu, internationally renowned make-up artist together with German entrepreneur Jan Mihm. The more than 20 years spent doing photo shoots, fashion shows and editorials all over the world, working with leading publications such as Vogue and Numéro Magazine, have inspired both the name, which recalls an airline, and the concept of the entire line. Each product, in fact, from lipsticks to nail polishes, is characterized by three letters, the same as the international airport identification system.

The lipsticks are super moisturizing and are available in a wide range of shades (the entire line has more than 180 colors), including candy red (HAV) and metallic gold (TIN). The true key factor of the German brand is the rainbow palette of nail polishes with different finishes, from cream to matt or glitter, contained in their slim 7-milliliter bottles with a very large brush that makes the application much easier. 

All the cosmetics have very high-quality standards and are particularly environmentally friendly. Almost mainly water-based, they are 5-FREE, i.e. free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

The most innovative product of Uslu Airlines is also the first created by Feride, launched in 2002 and sold at Colette: AOP Airbrush. It is an airbrush makeup kit consisting of three elements: the airbrush, also called a gun, and a rechargeable mini compressor that puts out a soft continuous flow of air, connected to each other by a thin flexible hose. You can use it by inserting the air tube on the pin of the airbrush, being careful not to bend it, pour a few drops of color into the cup, pull the pin and apply the cosmetic while keeping the gun in movement. The sprayed pigment fuses organically with the skin, giving a natural and impeccable makeup effect.

The success of Uslu Airlines came with the Parisian concept store Colette, the first in a long list of collaborations that includes major brands and world-famous pop stars. In March 2009 Feride created for Nike 1World project, a pair of grey Air Force 1 Hi-Tops with neon details. Outsole and laces were characterized by patterns made of stains with the AOP Airbrush. In addition, the sneakers included aviation elements such as the tongue made with the uniform of the security staff and the seat belt for the buckle. The following year, UA joined forces with Reebok for two unique shoe models: The Bal and The Glo. The first was inspired by the facets of the disco ball and had the effect of reflecting the lights and colors; while the second had a simpler look, of ecru color by day, which became phosphorescent green at night. The same style of "glowing in the dark" had the slip-on made for Vans in 2015. The logo of the beauty brand was transformed into a pattern, almost invisible during the day and fluorescent in the evening.

Also interesting is the partnership with MYKITA. Together the two brands created Bob & Eve Jet Sets, two aviator models available in lilac, fluorescent yellow and grey-brown, sold in an elegant wooden package coordinated with nail polish in the same shades. 

There are not only companies among the collaborations of UA, but also one of the most beloved pop stars: Kylie Minogue. To celebrate the release of her 2014 album Kiss Me Once, Federide and the singer made a red lipstick called KMO, i.e. Manokotak airport.