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Three tips to take your picnic to the next level

Let's go to a park to drink, read and chat... and then what?

Three tips to take your picnic to the next level Let's go to a park to drink, read and chat... and then what?

It’s finally spring! We’ve been talking about it, hoping for it, praying for it, manifesting it, and it’s finally here! So, if no one has told you yet, happy spring. We just can’t get enough of the longer days, warmer weather, and blooming flowers. It feels like we’re living in a brand new world, and the long days of winter are far behind us. With the upcoming beautiful weather, we want to soak up as much of it as possible, which means — picnics. Picnics are more than just food on a picnic blanket; they’re an opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor space that just so happens to pack away into a few small bags. 

BYOC (Bring your own cocktail)

Invite your friends to bring their own signature cocktail — or mocktail — to the picnic. Have everyone bring enough for at least one glass, and you can go around having a little cocktail party while listening to music, having dinner, and relaxing under the sun. It's a very easy way to spice up your picnic and get insight into your friend's drink preferences. Spending less.

@margo0595 Mocktail for our picnic
@itz_angellz Drink was 10/10 inspired by the bibimbap picnic idea! We had a spin the wheel with categories and listed some items in each they can choose from, so nobody knew what everyone was bring and hoped the drink turned out good
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Sips & Novels

Make an impromptu reading group with your friends — pack a picnic, choose a novel, and head out to your favorite sunny spot. You can all sit together, read your chosen novel, and discuss as you move through different chapters. Think of it like watching TV together on the couch but with a book in the park.

@inaamoment Good Books, Good Food and Good Convo Alhamdulillah
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@betteroffread_ reading vlogs have become my favorite type of content to make

Getting crafty

Arts and crafts in the park is always a crowd favorite — whether you’re into painting, knitting, drawing, clay modeling, or crocheting, grab your favorite craft and get going. Take inspiration from what’s around you and enjoy making something new with your friends. At the end of the picnic, you’ll have something to remember the day by. A picnic is about coming together and enjoying moments with your friends in the sun. Take your picnics to the next level with these ideas, perfect for quality time with friends.