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Non-alcoholic cocktails to get through January soberly

Just because it's Dry January doesn't mean you can't party

Non-alcoholic cocktails to get through January soberly Just because it's Dry January doesn't mean you can't party

We’re coming off a month of excess, i.e., the holidays, and we’re moving into a month of recalibration. That’s right, it’s Dry January. Well, actually, it’s been Dry January for a few weeks now, and we’re getting to the point in the month when people start to drop off their resolutions. If you’ve stuck with Dry Jan up until this month, congratulations, and if you haven’t, there’s no shame in trying again.

How to approach Dry January

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We get it. It can be hard to stay sober for a whole month, especially when our social lives usually revolve around drinking. When even your run-of-the-mill board game night can turn into a few too many bottles of wine, we know it can be difficult to find balance. Between going out for cocktails, girl’s night in, and even dinner dates, nearly every social gathering has drinks involved. So, how can you stay true to a month of sobriety while still having fun? Dry January is not easy. But it also doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are a few ideas for how to enjoy the party while staying sober.

The tried-and-true mocktail

@olivianoceda kumquat & thyme sour mocktail it’s functional (hi immunity! hi de-inflammation!), it’s aesthetic, and it’s insanely delicious/herbaceous. make this non-alcoholic drink and enjoy every last sip! ingredients// 1/4 cup kumquats, cut and muddled a few sprigs thyme 1oz honey syrup (honey + hot water) 1oz lemon juice 2oz NA whiskey or cold black tea or water 2oz orange or kumquat juice 1 egg white, frothed ice #mocktails #mocktailrecipe #sobercurious #sobertiktok #nonalcoholicdrink #kumquats #functionalmedicine #damplifestyle #healthyhabits #immunitybooster Ooo Baby Baby - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
@olivianoceda if ur not getting good sleep wut r u doing #dryjanuary #sleepygirlmocktail #mocktailrecipe Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra


Beloved by pregnant women and suburban moms alike, the mocktail is a staple for any kind of sobriety. This alcohol-free cocktail can be just as fun as a regular cocktail - from the prep to the presentation, creating mocktails is a work of art. TikToker Olivia Noceda, creator of the viral sleepy cherry spritz mocktail, shares fun mocktail recipes that not only look delicious but are also beneficial to your overall health. Try bringing a jug of this inflammation-curing mocktail to the next party and feel great while participating in the fun.


Spicing up your mocktails

If you’re looking for a fun and experimental way to feel like you’re partying, SENTIA has created alcohol-free drinks that give you the feeling of alcohol. SENTIA is a new kind of spirit that claims to alter your mental state to a feeling similar to being tipsy. You can have fun without the threat of a hangover. Add this to a mocktail recipe you’re perfecting and see how your night unfolds.

Change your party theme to be more alcohol-free friendly

Whether it’s crafts nights or daytime outdoorsy activities, try creating spaces where you can still hang out with your friends, but alcohol doesn’t have to be included. For example, hosting events where you’re busy with other tasks such as making charm necklaces, painting candles, or just having a dress-up dinner party with the girls can really lighten the pressure to have to drink. Think of fun activities to do outside of the house, such as bowling, ice skating, or playing pool, to spice up the vibes. You can even make things competitive by making team shirts and placing bets on who might win.

Try Dry Dating

@thezillennialzine Are you ready to go on a date and have authentic conversation? How about going out and not feeling any pressure or having regrets in the morning? Then #drydating might be perfect for you! Check out this week’s The Zillennial Zine article as we take a look at dry dating and why it’s trending in 2022! #drydatesbenefits #drydating #datingadvice #zillennial #lifestylemagazine #sober #alcoholfree Come Back Be Here x Teach Me How To Dougie mashup - DJ Rog

Just because we’re sober, doesn’t mean we have to stop dating. According to Catherine Gray, author of The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, there’s a better chance of finding meaningful connection when you’re not drowning your brain and potentially lowering your standards. Round up the girls, make your spicy mocktails, and screen cast your Hinge profile for a night of sober swiping to find your special someone. Then, once you’ve matched, try going out for a coffee rather than drinks to see if you like this person properly.

Dry January isn’t a time to bog yourself down with unattainable standards. It’s a time to recalibrate after a month of holiday fun while being intentional about the year ahead. But that said, there’s no shame in breaking your Dry January and then coming back to it later. The most important thing is that you’re drinking (or not drinking) responsibly. Try these tips and see how the rest of your Dry January comes to life with alcohol-free fun.